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Major General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks

Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss - Photograph - Full-length portrait in military uniform c.1861

Major General Nathaniel Banks replaced the unpopular Gen. Benjamin "Beast" Butler as commander of the Union's troops in New Orleans. He also led the Red River campaign in 1864. The image was taken in the studio of famed Civil War photographer Matthew B. Brady. ZoomifyView »

Adieu de Fontainbleau

Bonaparte, Napoleon - Painting - “Adieu de Fontainbleau”

Napoleon surrounded by saluting troops at the Chateau de Fontainebleau. ZoomifyView »

Battle of New Orleans and Death of Major General Pakenham

Battle of New Orleans - Painting - Battle of New Orleans and Death of Major General Pakenham, 1815

This hand-colored engraving, made in Philadelphia in 1816, depicts the Battle of New Orleans from behind the British lines. The officers pray and weep for their commander, Major General Pakenham, who received a fatal wound in the battle. ZoomifyView »

Bayou Landscape - Painting - By Joseph Rusling Meeker, 1876

During the Civil War, Joseph Rusling Meeker traveled down the Mississippi River as a Union Navy paymaster. In addition to fulfilling his military duties, he sketched and studied the bayous and swamps of Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

Belle Grove Plantation (ruins)

Belle Grove Plantation (ruins) - Photograph - By Frances Benjamin Johnston

One of Louisiana's grandest plantation homes, Belle Grove was designed by Henry Howard during the sugar boom of the 1850s. Frances Benjamin Johnston took this photograph for the Historic American Building Survey in 1934, before it burned in 1952. ZoomifyView »

Belle Grove Plantation (exterior)

Belle Grove Plantation - Photograph - Exterior view by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Architect Henry Howard designed Belle Grove plantation in Iberville Parish for John Andrews. Built in 1857, the plantation burned in 1952. ZoomifyView »

Biblical Scene

Biblical Scene - Painting - by Jacques Amans

Jacques Amans was a French neoclassical portrait painter in New Orleans in the 1840s and 1850s. Amans was widely recognized as the premier portrait painter of his time working in the city. ZoomifyView »

Buddy Bolden Band

Bolden, Buddy - Photograph - Pictured with his band

Cornetist Buddy Bolden was one of the first practitioners of the style that came to be known as New Orleans jazz. Left to right: William Warner, William Cornish, Charlie “Buddy” Bolden, James Johnson, Frank Lewis (seated), and Jeff “Brock” Mumford (seated). There is controversy over whether this image was originally printed backwards. ZoomifyView »

Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville

Bienville, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de - Painting - Oil on canvas portrait by Rudolph Bohunek, c.1910.

Rudolph Bohunek painted this portrait of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville c. 1910. Along with his older brother, Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, Bienville helped establish New Orleans. View »

Judah P. Benjamin

Benjamin, Judah P. - Painting - Formal portrait, 1859

This portrait is assumed to be of Judah P. Benjamin, member of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. ZoomifyView »

Pierre Benjamin Buisson

Buisson, Pierre Benjamin - Painting - Watercolor portrait c.1815

Pierre Benjamin Buisson was a distinguished veteran in Napoleon's army. He immigrated to New Orleans and was appointed to the Committee on City Defence and commanded the 22nd Louisiana Volunteers at the fall of New Orleans in 1862. ZoomifyView »

Portrait  of drummer Ray Bauduc by Ralson Crawford

Bauduc, Ray - Photograph - Portrait by Ralston Crawford Crawford, Ralston - Photograph - Portrait of Ray Bauduc.

Ralston Crawford took this photo of Louisiana jazz musician Ray Bauduc playing drums. Though he never lived in Louisiana, Crawford visited New Orleans frequently and featured the city in much of his work. View »

General Nathaniel P. Banks

Banks, General Nathaniel P. - Photograph - General Nathaniel P. Banks

This stereograph showing General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks was taken as part of the series: The War for the Union, a Photographic War History between 1861–1865. In this image Banks sits for a head and shoulders portrait, facing left. ZoomifyView »

Sidney Bechet

Bechet, Sidney - Photograph - Autographed publicity photo.

Autographed publicity photo of Sidney Bechet. ZoomifyView »

“Andrew Jackson During the Battle of New Orleans”

Battle of New Orleans - Illustration - “Andrew Jackson During the Battle of New Orleans” painting by F.C. Yohn from the Youth's Companion Historic Milestones in 1922

See “Andrew Jackson During the Battle of New Orleans”


Bontemps, Arna - Photograph - Black-and-white head and shoulders portrait c.1945.

Arna Bontemps, respected Harlem Renaissance poet and scholar, was born in Alexandria in 1902. His birthplace, located at 1327 Third Street, has been restored and converted for use as the Bontemps African American Museum. View »

Bayou in Louisiana in the 1960s.

Bayou - Photograph - Unidentified Louisiana bayou.

An unidentified bayou in Louisiana, photographed in the 1960s. View »

Paul Barbarin with Onward Brass Band

Barbarin, Paul - Photograph - Pictured with the Onward Brass Band

Photo of Paul Barbarin (bottom center with drum) with the Onward Brass Band. Barbarin became the leader of the band when his father, Isadore Barbarin, died. The band included Cag Cagnolatti, Kid Howard, Andrew Morgan, Joe Thomas, Louis Barbarin, Alvin Alcorn, Danny Barker, and Freddie Kohlman. ZoomifyView »

General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks

Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait of the Civil War general, c.1860

General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks commanded Union forces in Louisiana during the Civil War. General Banks conducted the First and Second Red River campaigns and led the siege of Port Hudson. View »

James Lee Burke

Burke, James Lee - Photograph - Publicity photo, 1993

James Lee Burke is an award-winning author of popular detective novels. He is pictured here in a promotional photograph for his 1993 novel, In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead. ZoomifyView »