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Evergreen Plantation

Evergreen Plantation - Photograph - Exterior view by Frances Benjamin Johnston

The Evergreen Plantation is located in Edgard, St. John the Baptist Parish. Today, the plantation has been meticulously restored and includes 37 contributing buildings, all but eight of them antebellum, making it one of the most complete plantation complexes in the country. View »

Earl Kemp Long speaking.

Earl Kemp Long_speaking.

Gov. Earl Long, famous for his fiery oration, addresses a crowd in 1960. View »

East Carroll Parish Courthouse in Lake Providence Louisiana.

East Carroll Parish Courthouse - Photograph - Courthouse in Lake Providence.

The East Carroll Parish courthouse in Lake Providence, Louisiana, was constructed with funds from the Public Works Administration (PWA). ZoomifyView »

Edwin W. Edwards

Edwards, Edwin - Photograph - Portrait

A color portrait of Louisiana governor Edwin W. Edwards, circa 1977. ZoomifyView »

East Louisiana Railroad Co.

East Louisiana Railroad Co. - Illustration - Advertisement

In Plessy v. Ferguson, the US Supreme Court upheld the “separate but equal” doctrine by ruling it was constitutional for the East Louisiana Railroad Company to prohibit Homer Plessy, an African American man, from riding in a train car designated for white passengers only. ZoomifyView »

Margaret Gaffney Haughery monument in New Orleans Louisiana

Evans, Walker - Photograph - Margaret Gaffney Haughery monument, 1936

See Margaret Gaffney Haughery monument in New Orleans Louisiana


Emery, Lin - Sculpture - Rondelet

In 2010 Louisiana artist Lin Emery created this polished aluminum sculpture, Rondelet. The piece is 14 feet tall with a 9 foot orbit. ZoomifyView »

Quebec, Fur Trapping

Exploration - Lithograph - "Quebec and Fur Trapping" by Alfred R. Waud

Nineteenth-century artist Alfred Rudolph Waud created this wood engraving. One image features the city of Quebec, while the other shows two fur trappers. ZoomifyView »

Eola Hotel in Natchez, Mississippi

Eola Hotel - Photograph - Weiss, Dreyfous and Seiferth, Architects

Black-and-white photograph, by Norman Studio Photographers, of the Eola Hotel in Natchez, Mississippi. The hotel was designed by Louisiana architectural firm Weiss, Dreyfous, and Seiferth. ZoomifyView »

“Downtown street, New Orleans, Louisiana”

Evans, Walker - Photograph - “New Orleans downtown street. Louisiana”

Walker Evans photographed this New Orleans street scene for the Farm Security Administration. ZoomifyView »

Robert Lewis with bass drum

Eureka Brass Band - Photograph - Robert Lewis with bass drum, 1959

Eureka Brass Band member Robert Lewis with a bass drum. The band was active in New Orleans from the 1920s through 1975 when it disbanded. ZoomifyView »

Jubal Anderson Early

Early, Jubal Anderson - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait

Confederate General, Jubal Anderson Early ZoomifyView »

Cooking in old Creole days

Eustis, Célestine - Book - Cooking in old Creole days

An example of a Creole cookbook for the common household, early twentieth century ZoomifyView »

Gabriel and Evangeline

Evangeline, Legend of - Lithograph - Gabriel and Evangeline

An 1888 lithograph depicting Gabriel and Evangeline from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1847 poem, "The Legend of Evangeline." ZoomifyView »

Edwards, Edwin - Painting - Campaign poster

A 1983 painting of Edwin Edwards by George Rodrigue. This image served as Edwards' official portrait and campaign poster. ZoomifyView »

The Evangeline Oak during the 1927 flood

Evangeline Oak - Photograph - During the Flood of 1927

See The Evangeline Oak during the 1927 flood

Exchange Alley

Exchange Alley - Etching - By E. Gerry Peirce

An etching by E. Gerry Peirce depicting Exchange Alley in the French Quarter, circa 1030s. ZoomifyView »

St. Gertrude

Emery, Lin - Sculpture - “St. Gertrude”

In the 1950s, Lin Emery created life-sized religious figures for churches, such as this sculpture commissioned by St. Gertrude the Great in Des Allemands. The piece was made of hydrocal cement and bronze in 1956, and measures 12 by 8 by 3 feet. ZoomifyView »


Emery, Lin - Sculpture - “Orbit”

Lin Emery's sculpture “Orbit” was commissioned by the Louisiana Public Library in Baton Rouge. Made in 1985 of aluminum, the piece is scaled 9 by 6 feet. View »


Emery, Lin - Sculpture - Untitled, Emanual Baptist Church, Alexandria

This bronze sculpture by Lin Emery belongs to the Emanual Baptist Church in Alexandria. A plaque bears the inscription ANGEL/INSPIRED BY/ELIZABETH McLUNDIE BOLTON, DONOR/1981/LIN EMERY, SCULPTOR. Elizabeth McLundie Bolton was an active civic and cultural leader. ZoomifyView »