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Group of workers in Lane Cotton Mill

Hine, Lewis Wickes - Photograph - Group of workers in Lane Cotton Mill, 1913

A black-and-white photograph by Lewis Hine of child laborers at the Lane Cotton Mill in New Orleans. The caption on this particular photographic reproduction reads, "Group of workers in Lane Cotton Mill, New Orleans, showing the youngest workers, and typical of conditions in New Orleans. Violations of the law are rare. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana." ZoomifyView »

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - “Baptismal”

A 1963 painting by Louisiana self-taught artist Clementine Hunter. ZoomifyView »

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - “Big Chicken”

A 1963 painting by Clementine Hunter of a big brown and black chicken pulling a cart load of cotton over green grass. ZoomifyView »

 Julien Hudson - Self Portrait

Hudson, Julien - Painting - Self Portrait

Julien Hudson, a free black artist in antebellum Louisiana, painted this self-portrait. It is one of only four paintings signed by Hudson. ZoomifyView »

Harry Hopkins

Hopkins, Harry - Photograph - seated portrait with microphone in foreground

Harry Hopkins was a principal architect of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal program, including the Works Progress Administration. ZoomifyView »

He gives 100 you can lend 10. Buy war stamps and bonds

He gives 100 you can lend 10. Buy war stamps and bonds

“He gives 100% you can lend 10%. Buy war stamps and bonds.” Poster encouraging purchase of war stamps and bonds to help fund the war effort, showing soldiers near an explosion during combat. ZoomifyView »

Hine, Lewis Wickes - Photograph - "Oyster shuckers in Dunbar Cannery".

Lewis Hine took his photo of children shucking oysters in the Dunbar Cannery in March of 1911. As part of his work for the National Child Labor Committee, Hine came to Louisiana seeking evidence to support the abolition of child labor. ZoomifyView »

Clementine Hunter.

Hunter, Clementine - Photograph - On Melrose Plantation in 1960.

Self-taught artist Clementine Hunter on Melrose Plantation, in Natchitoches, Louisiana, in the 1960s. ZoomifyView »

Governor of Louisiana Paul Octave Hebert in the 1850s

Hebert, Paul Octave - portrait

Paul Octave Hebert was governor of Louisiana from 1853 to 1856. View »

William Wright Heard

Heard, William Wright - Photograph - Portrait

A photograph of Louisiana Governor William Wright Heard, elected in 1990. View »

Henry Luse Fuqua

Henry Luse Fuqua

A black-and-white photo of Governor Henry Luse Fuqua taken around 1924. View »

Governor Michael Hahn

Hahn, Michael - Photograph - Portait c.1864

From 1864 to 1865, Unionist Michael Hahn served as the nineteenth governor of Louisiana. Born in Germany, Hahn and his family arrived in New Orleans around 1840. View »

Ray Nagin, Michael Brown, and Michael Chertoff meet after Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina - Photograph - Ray Nagin, Michael Chertoff, and Michael Brown meet after the Hurricane

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, right, and Undersecretary of FEMA Michael Brown, center, meeting with Mayor Ray Nagin after Hurricane Katrina. View »

Lillian Hellman

Hellman, Lillian - Photograph - Black-and-white photo of the author

New Orleans native Lillian Hellman wrote many successful plays, including “The Little Foxes.” ZoomifyView »

House of the Fencing Master, 618 Conti Street

House of the Fencing Master - Architectural Rendering - Architectural rendering of architect J.N.B. de Pouilly's building at 618 Conti Street

The House of the Fencing Master at 618 Conti Street in New Orleans' French Quarter was designed by antebellum architect J.N.B. de Pouilly. View »

Dr. Geary Hobson

Hobson, Geary - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait

A color photograph of Dr. Geary Hoboson, author of The Last of the Ofos. In 2001, he was named Fiction Writer of the Year by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. View »

Hurricane Katrina IR clouds from GOES on August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

GOES satellite image of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico on August 29, 2005. View »

New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina - Photograph - Flooded streets in the aftermath of the hurricane

Interstate 10 at West End Boulevard in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The 17th Street Canal is just beyond the left edge of the image. View »

Histoire de la Louisiane

Histoire de la Louisiane - Book Page - Face plate of Louisiana History book c.1758

A face plate from Louisiana history book published in 1758. The block of text reads, “History of Louisiana, containing the discovery of this vast country and its geographical description, a trip to the land, natural history, manners, customs & religion of the natives, with their origins; two trips in northern New Mexico, including one to the South Sea, decorated with two cards and 40 boards in intaglio. By M. Le Page du Pratz. 3 vols.” ZoomifyView »

Governor Michael Hahn

Hahn, Michael - Painting - Portrait of the governor by John Genin, c.1865

Michael Hahn was the nineteenth governor of Louisiana. He served during the federal occupation of the state following the Civil War. Hahn's administration made attempts to enfranchise black citizens and laid the foundation for a black school system. This portrait was made by John Genin, c. 1865. ZoomifyView »