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Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville

Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne d’ - Painting - Head and Shoulders portrait by Rudulph Bohunek, c.1933

Bohemian artist Rudolph Bohunek, who worked in New Orleans for four years, painted this portrait of Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville c. 1933. ZoomifyView »

The Iberville Stone

Iberville Stone - Photograph - The face of the Iberville Stone.

The Iberville stone was reportedly inscribed by Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville and his party in 1699, when they reached the mouth of the Mississippi River. It was recovered from the site of Fort Maurepas, the first permanent settlement in the Mississippi Valley. ZoomifyView »

Iberia Parish Courthouse

Iberia Parish Courthouse - Photograph - Courthouse in New Iberia

The Iberia Parish Courthouse was designed by Louisiana architect A. Hays Town as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project. ZoomifyView »

Indian Women Weaving Cane Baskets

Indian Basketry - Photograph - Indian Women Weaving Cane Baskets

A 1923 photograph of Native American women weaving cane baskets in Elton, Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

The Independent Women's Organization With Martha Gilmore Robinson

Independent Women's Organization - Photograph - Pictured with Martha Gilmore Robinson

See The Independent Women's Organization With Martha Gilmore Robinson

New Orleans Architectural Tour of the Irish Channel

Irish Channel - Pamphlet - New Orleans Architectural Tour of the Irish Channel

An 1960s pamphlet for an architectural tour of the Irish Channel in New Orleans, Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

West Fork

Iles, Bill - Painting - "West Fork"

As evident in "West Fork" (1996), Bill Illes' landscapes do not render reality, but rather come informed by imagination. "The composition is made up in my head as I work," the artist once said. ZoomifyView »

Dogwood Newcomb College Vase

Irvine, Sadie - Ceramic - Dogwood Newcomb College Vas

Sadie Irvine's 1918 ceramic vase "Dogwood" represents a superb example of the Newcomb Pottery style. ZoomifyView »

Newcomb pottery vase with crepe myrtle trees and landscape in background with grass and trees

Irvine, Sarah Agnes Estelle - Newcomb pottery - Vase with crepe myrtle trees and landscape in background with grass and trees

See Newcomb pottery vase with crepe myrtle trees and landscape in background with grass and trees

Detail of bronze door

Indian (Native American) Removal - photograph - Detail of bronze door

Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Detail of bronze door commemorating the signing of the treaty with the Caddo Indians in 1835. ZoomifyView »

Chitimacha Medicine Woman

Indian (Native American) Removal - photograph - Chitimacha Medicine Woman

Mrs. Delphine Ducloux, the Medicine Woman of the Chitimacha Tribe on Indian Bend, near Charenton, Louisiana. Ca. 1930's. ZoomifyView »

Map of Louisiana Tribes

Indian (Native American) Removal - Illustration - Map of Louisiana Tribes

This early map from d'Anville's Atlas depicts colonial Louisiana, St. Catherine, and the "shaking marshes" of several Indian tribes such as the Choctaw Indians, "Lake Ouachas" just southwest of Lake Pontchartrain, Barataria Bay, Lake Salvador, and Bayou Lafourche, the "River of the Chitimachas." ZoomifyView »

Camp Goodyear Smoke Signals

Indian (Native American) Removal - photograph - Camp Goodyear Smoke Signals

This group of Boy Scouts was photographed by Percy Viosca Jr. while observing a Choctaw Indian sending smoke signals. ZoomifyView »

Native American Students

Indian (Native American) Removal - photograph - Native American Students

Choctaw students pose with their teacher, Mrs. Chas Penick, in the Government Day School near White Sulphur Springs in LaSalle Parish. Twenty pupils were enrolled at the time of this photograph. ZoomifyView »

Choctaw Man

Indian (Native American) Removal - photograph - Choctaw Man

This Choctaw man was photographed in 1924, dressed in native garb with feathered headdress. ZoomifyView »

Bill Iles Portrait

Iles, Bill - Photograph - "Bill Iles Portrait"

This photograph was taken by David Clanton, and is an intimate and up close portrait of realist painter Bill Isle. View »

Camp Road

Iles, Bill - Painting - "Camp Road"

Artist Bill Iles’ landscapes draw on his lifetime in southwestern Louisiana, including the area around his family home at Dry Creek, not far from the Kisatchie National Forest. Iles taught at McNeese State University in Lake Charles for more than 25 years. ZoomifyView »

On the Calcasieu

Ills, Bill - Painting - "On the Calcasieu"

Limiting his work to southwestern Louisiana, Bill Iles has had to make peace with the region’s visual limitations. “We’re stuck with a flat landscape,” he notes. To compensate, he experiments with colors, perspective and abstraction. “I don’t want my paintings to be picturesque,” he says. “I want them to feel like paintings.” ZoomifyView »

Sabine Pass

Ills, Bill - Painting - "Sabine Pass"

Artist Bill Iles favors autumn scenes because he finds outdoors Louisiana a monochromatic green during summer months. “You can’t see the trees for the forest,” he says. The artist finds more diverse visual options in the fall, such as here when the needles on Louisiana cypress trees thin and turn from green to bronze. ZoomifyView »

Stand of Pines

Iles, Bill - Painting - "Stand of Pines"

Artist Bill Iles is at home in the piney woods of west-central Louisiana, and he is similarly comfortable interpreting those woods with a certain artistic license. “What I now want from my more recent work is a calm landscape but one shrouded with a certain sense of mystery,” he says. “I want calmness and tranquility.” ZoomifyView »