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Yusef Komunyakaa

Komunyakaa, Yusef - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait c.1993

Raised in Bogalusa, writer Yusef Komunyakaa won the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. His work often uses the colloquial voice as well as jazz rhythms. View »

Kinsey, Alberta - Painting - “Black-Eyed Susans”

New Orleans artist Alberta Kinsey, active in the New Orleans Arts and Crafts Club, painted this still life in the 1940s. ZoomifyView »

Governor William Pitt Kellogg

Kellogg, William Pitt - Photograph - Portrait of the governor in a seated position, c.1860 to 1875.

Governor of Louisiana from 1873 to 1877, Vermont native William Pitt Kellogg was the state's last Republican governor until 1980. ZoomifyView »

Alberta Kinsey with her paintings on exhibit at Pirate's Alley, in New Orleans.

Kinsey, Alberta - Photograph - The artist with her paintings in Pirate's Alley, c.1940.

In the 1940s, artist Alberta Kinsey (1875-1952) exhibited her work in a French Quarter gallery. Though born in Ohio, Kinsey spent much of her career in New Orleans. ZoomifyView »

Frances Parkinson Keyes with Elemore Morgan, Sr.

Keyes, Frances Parkinson - Photograph - With Elemore Morgan Sr., 1950.

Frances Parkinson Keyes autographs All This is Louisiana while photographer Elemore Morgan, Sr., looks on. ZoomifyView »

Louis Billouart, Chevalier de Kerlerec

Kerlerec, Louis Billouart, Chevalier de - Painting - Formal head and shoulders portrait

Louis Billouart, Chevalier de Kerlerec, was governor of Louisiana from 1753 to 1763. Accused of corruption, he was later imprisoned in France. ZoomifyView »

Kinsey, Alberta - Painting - “Madame John's Legacy”

This picture of Madame John's Legacy, one of the few surviving eighteenth-century buildings in New Orleans, was painted by Alberta Kinsey. ZoomifyView »

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Photograph - c.1923

Joseph “King” Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, one of the earliest traditional jazz bands, recorded songs including “Canal Street Blues,” “Snake Rag,” and “New Orleans Stomp.” Pictured: Johnny Dodds, Baby Dodds, Honore Dutrey, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, William Johnson, and Lil Hardin. ZoomifyView »

Grace King's home on Coliseum Street, New Orleans

King, Grace - Photograph - The author's home in New Orleans, by Walker Evans, c.1930s

In the late 1930s, Walker Evans took this photograph of Grace King's home on Coliseum Street in New Orleans. View »

Grace King and her sisters Flora Ann King and Nina King

King, Grace - Photograph - The author with her sisters in the 1880s

This photograph of Grace King (left) and her sisters Flora Ann (center) and Nina (right) was taken in the 1880s. Their parents were William Woodson King, a New Orleans attorney, and his wife, Sarah Ann Miller. ZoomifyView »

Harnett T. Kane

Kane, Harnett T. - Photograph - Portrait

Harnett T. Kane, author of more than twenty-five books, signs Spies for the Blue and Gray. A native of New Orleans, Kane wrote about Louisiana politics and culture. ZoomifyView »

Uncle Sam's Youngest Son, Citizen Know Nothing c.1854

Know Nothing Party - Ephemera - Uncle Sam's Youngest Son, Citizen Know Nothing

Entitled “Uncle Sam’s Youngest Son, Citizen Know Nothing," this image is believed to represent the Know Nothing movement’s ideal American citizen. The anti-immigration, anti-Catholic Know Nothing movement was popular in the 1850s. It developed in response to fears that the country was being overwhelmed by recently arrived immigrants, particularly from Germany and Ireland. ZoomifyView »

Grace King

King, Grace - Photograph - Portrait of the author as a young woman

Born in New Orleans in 1852, Grace King wrote fiction, biography, and history. National magazines including Harper's and Century published her work. ZoomifyView »

Grace King

King, Grace - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait by Arnold Genthe

Writer Grace King's fiction often depicted the Creole culture of New Orleans. Though neither a Creole nor a Catholic herself, King knew these cultures well. ZoomifyView »

Belle Grove Plantation in Iberville Parish

Koch, Richard - Photograph - Belle Grove Plantation in Iberville Parish c.1934

Henry Howard designed Belle Grove Plantation in Iberville Parish. Richard Koch took this photo of the plantation in 1933, when it had fallen into a state of disrepair. The photo is part of the Historic American Buildings Survey collection. ZoomifyView »

Tony Kushner with Karl Marx Pillows

Kushner, Tony - Photograph - Informal portrait reclining on Karl Marx pillows

Tony Kushner, raised in Lake Charles, won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for his play, “Angels in America.” Though he went to college in New York, Kushner spent several summers working with the Governor’s Program for Gifted Children affiliated with McNeese State University. ZoomifyView »

King, Grace - Book Cover - Photo of the cover of “The Pleasant Ways of St. Medard”

Grace King's second novel, The Pleasant Ways of St. Medard, was published in 1916. It depicts life in Reconstruction New Orleans from the perspective of two families, one white and one black. View »

Beauregard-Keyes House

Koch, Richard - Photograph - Beauregard-Keyes House in New Orleans

See Beauregard-Keyes House

KWKH Radio Station

KWKH Radio Station - Photograph - Home of the Louisiana Hayride

KWKH-AM broadcast the Louisiana Hayride "barn dance" music radio, and later, television program. Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Sr., and Johnny Cash all gained recognition from appearances on KWKH, prompting the station's nickname, "Cradle of the Stars." ZoomifyView »

 Doug Kershaw

Kershaw, Doug - Photograph - Performing at Festivals Acadiens in 2009

This photograph shows Cajun musician Doug Kershaw at Lafayette's Festivals Acadiens et Créoles in 2009. View »