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Lee, Robert E. - Painting - Formal portrait by Cornelius Hankins

Portrait of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, painted by Cornelius H. Hankins. Date unknown. ZoomifyView »

Lassus, Don Carlos de Hault de - Painting - Portrait, 1916

This portrait of Don Carlos de Hault de Lassus, governor of Spanish West Florida, was made ca. 1916. ZoomifyView »

Governor Huey P. Long

Long, Huey Pierce, Jr. - Painting - Official portrait

Huey P. Long, nicknamed “The Kingfish,” was the fortieth governor of Louisiana. Long was shot on September 8, 1935, in the Louisiana State Capitol (seen in the background) and died two days later. ZoomifyView »

Jean Laffite at Dominique You's Bar

Laffite, Jean - Painting - by John Wesley Jarvis.

This painting by John Wesley Jarvis purportedly depicting brothers Jean and Pierre Laffite, seated (Jean raising cup), with Dominique You (standing). ZoomifyView »

Lalaurie House on Royal Street

Lalaurie, Delphine Macarty - Photograph - House on Royal Street

Delphine Macarty Lalaurie's house on Royal Street in New Orleans. Lalaurie's mistreatment of her slaves led to her exile in Paris, France. ZoomifyView »

Marie Laveau

Laveau, Marie - Painting - Portrait

A portrait of Marie Laveau by Frank Schneider, copied after a painting attributed to George Catlin. ZoomifyView »

Julien Poydras de Lalande

Lalande, Julien Poydras de - Painting - Black-and-white photograph of a painted head and shoulders portrait

A native of France, Julien Poydras de Lalande (1746-1824) is credited with the first published works of poetry in Louisiana. He also owned large parcels of land in Pointe Coupee Parish and New Orleans. View »

Pierre Clément Laussat

Laussat, Pierre Clement - Painting - by Andres Molinary

Portrait of Pierre Clément Laussat, who served as the French colonial prefect of Louisiana during the period in late 1803 and early 1804 when Spain returned the colony to French possession and the United States assumed ownership of the territory through the Louisiana Purchase. ZoomifyView »

Robert Livingston

Livingston, Robert - Painting - Head and shoulders portrait

Robert Livingston, U.S. Minister to France, negotiated the Louisiana Purchase for the United States. ZoomifyView »

Lafayette (portrait)

Lafayette, Gilbert du Motier, marquis de - Lithograph - Head and shoulders portrait

Marquis de Lafayette (portrait) ZoomifyView »

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.

A black and white reproduction of a head and shoulders portrait of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie, in 1847. ZoomifyView »

Lange, Dorothea - Photograph - "Louisiana Negress"

Dorothea Lange took this photograph while traveling through Louisiana for the Farm Security Administration. ZoomifyView »


Lafayette- full-length portrait, in uniform

A print showing the Marquis de Lafayette, full-length portrait, in uniform. ZoomifyView »

Sharecropper Home

Sharecropper Home - Photograph - Russell Lee

Russell Lee captures an image of a mother teaching her children numbers and letters in a typical sharecropper style home in Transylvania, Louisiana, 1939. ZoomifyView »

103-Year-Old Acadian woman reaching for strings of garlic near Crowley, Louisiana, in the 1940s.

Lee, Russell - Photograph - 103-Year-Old Acadian woman reaching for strings of garlic near Crowley, Louisiana, in the 1940s.

Russell Lee took this photograph c. 1945. An inscription on the photo reads, “At the time of this photograph, she was 103, her husband 93. They eke out a meagre existence by catching and selling, in season, crawfish. They live on rice (which they cultivate for their own use, hulling it in a crude mortar and pestle), crawfish and shrimp, with onions and garlic for seasoning. All cooking is done in the open fireplace, which also serves illumination purposes. Their two-room house is unscreened and only wooden shutters keep out some degree of the cold. They have no children; speak only French, and that sparingly.” ZoomifyView »

Aerial photo of the Louisiana State Capitol and grounds.

Louisiana State Capitol Building - Photograph - Aerial view.

This aerial view of the Louisiana State Capitol provides an overview of the building's extensive gardens. Our Lady of the Lake Hospital and the Capitol Lakes can also be seen in the background. ZoomifyView »

Children of Senator Huey Pierce Long unveil a bronze statue of him in the US capitol.

Long, Huey Pierce, Jr. - Photograph - Children with bronze statue, 1941.

Huey P. Long's children unveiled this statue of their father in the U.S. Capitol in 1941. ZoomifyView »

Illustration of the Shooting of Huey Long.

Long, Huey Pierce, Jr. - Illustration - depicting assassination, 1935.

This illustration shows the positions of Huey Long, his assassin Carl Weiss, and Long's bodyguards at the time of his assassination. ZoomifyView »

Earl Kemp Long

Long, Earl Kemp - Photograph - Portrait

A portrait of former Louisiana governor, Earl Kemp Long. ZoomifyView »

Louisiana Governor Alvin Olin King in the 1930s

Louisiana Governor Alvin Olin King in the 1930s

A black-and-white photo of Alvin Olin King (1890-1958), who was governor from 1931 to 1932. ZoomifyView »