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Marbois, Barbe - Painting - Head and shoulders portrait by Lucienne de St. Mart

In 1803, Barbe Marbois negotiated the Louisiana Purchase Treaty for France, by which Louisiana was ceded to the United States. ZoomifyView »

Cotton Pickers

Mugnier, George Francois - Photograph - “Cotton Pickers”

George Francois Mugnier was a French-born photographer best known for his images of the landscape and scenery in and around New Orleans. In this shot, the laborers are dominated by a sea of cotton. View »

“Cotton Yards”

Mugnier, George Francois - Photograph - “Cotton Yards”

French-born photographer George Francois Mugnier captured images of scenery and landscapes in and around New Orleans starting in 1884. ZoomifyView »

Esteban Miró

Miró, Esteban Rodriguez - Painting - Portrait by Andres Molinary

in 1916 Andres Molinary painted this portrait of Esteban Rodriguez Miró (1744–1795), governor of the Spanish colonial provinces of Louisiana and Florida. ZoomifyView »

Mr. Paul Aldige

Moise Theodore Sydney - Painting - Mr. Paul Aldige

Theodore Sydney Moise painted this portrait of Mr. Paul Aldige, a pioneer of the cottonseed oil industry. View »

The Coachman

Moise, Theodore Sidney - Painting - “The Coachman”

Portrait artist Theodore Sydney Moise's subjects often included wealthy land owners and their families, servants, horses, and dogs. ZoomifyView »

Jelly Roll Morton's last RCA session

Morton, Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" - Photograph - Jelly Roll Morton's last RCA session, 1939.

Sidney Bechet, Sidney DeParis, Zutty Singleton, Albert Nicholas, Jelly Roll Morton, and Albert "Happy" Cauldwell jam during Jelly's last RCA recording session in 1939. ZoomifyView »

“Jesus Greeted by Zacchaeus”

Morgan, Sister Gertrude - Painting - “Jesus Greeted by Zacchaeus”

Sister Gertrude Morgan left her husband and family at the age of 38 in response to a calling from God telling her to become a street evangelist. She moved to New Orleans, where she produced art, poetry, and music in addition to organizing an orphanage. View »

“Lambs Wife”

Morgan, Sister Gertrude - Painting - “Lambs Wife”

Sister Gertrude Morgan was a street evangelist who used religious folk art to illustrate her sermons. ZoomifyView »

June on the Bayou

Millet, Clarence - Painting - "June on the Bayou"

In "June on the Bayou" made in 1930, Clarence Millet captured the airy, Impressionistic feeling of a spring Louisiana morning. ZoomifyView »

Madame Johns Legacy

Madame John's Legacy - Photograph - By Frances Benjamin Johnston

Exterior view of Madame Johns Legacy in New Orleans' French Quarter by Frances Benjamin Johnston. View »

Pierre Enguerrand Philippe De Marigny de Mandeville

Mandeville, Pierre Enguerrand Philippe De Marigny de - Painting - Portrait

Portrait of Pierre Enguerrand Philippe De Marigny de Mandeville, father of Eulalie Mandeville. His left hand is inside his vest and he holds a cane with a gold tip in his right hand. ZoomifyView »

McCrady, John - Painting - "Repatriated", 1946.

Repatriated by John McCrady depicts an African-American family gathered in front of a cabin and a soldier waving to an elderly woman in white. ZoomifyView »

Rock of Ages

Morgan, Sister Gertrude -Painting- "Rock of Ages"

Folk artist and musician, Sister Gertrude Morgan painted "Rock of Ages" in 1960. ZoomifyView »

Who Are You Little Lady

Morgan, Sister Gertrude - Painting - "Who are you Little Lady?"

"Who Are You Little Lady?" was created in 1960 by Louisiana artist and musician, Sister Gertrude Morgan. ZoomifyView »

Children Crossing the Bayou to Catch School Bus near Napoleonville.

Morgan, Elmore Sr. - Photograph - Unidentified Children crossing the bayou near Napoleonville.

A black-and-white reproduction of a photograph showing children crossing a bayou to catch a school bus near Napoleonville, by Elemore Morgan, Sr., circa 1949. ZoomifyView »

Mugnier, G.F. - Photograph - "Dock scene of cotton shipment in New Orleans Louisiana in the 1880s"

George F. Mugnier took this photo of a cotton shipment on a New Orleans dock, in the 1880s. Mugnier, who was born in Switzerland, opened a photography studio in New Orleans after the Civil War. View »

Driller at work in Baton Rouge Louisiana oil field, in 1952.

Morgan, Elmore Sr. - Photograph - Unidentified driller at work in Baton Rouge Louisiana oil field, 1952.

Elemore Morgan, Sr. took this photograph of a driller at work in a Baton Rouge oil field, in 1952. ZoomifyView »

 Portrait of Elemore Morgan, Sr.

Morgan, Elemore Sr. - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait

Ralston Crawford took this photo of fellow photographer Elemore Morgan, Sr. Morgan's photographs often presented the everyday lives of rural people, vernacular architecture, and folk traditions. View »

Governor John Julian McKeithen

McKeithen, John Julian - Photograph - Speaking

A black and white reproduction of a photograph of Louisiana Governor John J. McKeithen delivering a speech, ca. 1970. ZoomifyView »