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Tennessee Williams with Andy Warhol

Williams, Tennessee - Photograph - With Andy Warhol in 1967

Tennessee Williams with Andy Warhol onboard the SS France in 1967, a luxury transatlantic ocean liner. ZoomifyView »

White League - Illustration - 1874 Political cartoon from Harpers Weekly depicting the White League shaking hands with the Ku Klux Klan over the heads of African Americans

In this 1874 illustration from Harper's Weekly, members of the White League and the Ku Klux Klan shake hands, symbolizing their political alliance in the post–Civil War era. ZoomifyView »

“Benjamin Winchester”

Winchester, Benjamin - Lithograph - Head and shoulders portrait by Jules Lion, c.1842

Jules Lion, a free black artist in antebellum New Orleans, made this lithograph of circuit court judge Benjamin Winchester in 1842. ZoomifyView »

Woodward, William - Painting - "General Allison Owen", 1917

Portrait of General Allison Owen by William Woodward, c.1917. General Owen wears a khaki military uniform and hat. Allison Owen was an architect, soldier, civic and religious leader. ZoomifyView »

Governor Henry Clay Warmoth

Warmoth, Henry Clay - Painting - Early 20th Century portrait of the governor by Paul King.

Henry Clay Warmoth, the twenty-third governor of Louisiana, was widely considered a “carpetbagger,” a northerner who moved South after the Civil War. He was suspended from office thirty-five days before the end of his term. ZoomifyView »

Woodward, William - Painting - "Jackson Square", 1909.

William Woodward, who helped establish Tulane University's art department, created this architectural oil painting of Jackson Square in New Orleans, including the Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral, and the Presbytere, circa 1909. ZoomifyView »

Governor Joseph Marshall Walker

Walker, Joseph Marshall - Painting - by William H. Baker

Joseph M. Walker was the thirteenth governor of Louisiana and the first governor inaugurated in the new state capitol in Baton Rouge in 1850. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Joseph

Whitesell, Joseph "Pops" Woodson - Painting - Attributed to Wayman Adams

Best known for his portraits of prominent individuals, Wayman Adams here depicts bohemian New Orleans photographer Joseph "Pops" Woodson Whitesell (1876-1958) in a circa 1940 oil painting on canvas. ZoomifyView »

Woodward, William - Painting - "Lt. General Bryan Black", 1917.

Portrait of Lt. General Bryan Black by William Woodward, c.1917. The portrait depicts General Black in military field dress, seated inside a field tent, at a table with papers. ZoomifyView »

William B. Schmidt

William B. Schmidt

Portrait of a man with dark hair and blue eyes. ZoomifyView »

Woodlawn Plantation

Woodlawn Plantation - Photograph - Exterior view by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Pictured here in a state of decay, Woodlawn Plantation in Bayou Lafourche was designed by Henry Howard. The Greek Revival style home was built for William Pugh in 1849, but demolished in the 1940s. This photograph was taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston for the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS). ZoomifyView »

White League - Illustration - Political cartoon from Harper's Weekly depicting discrimination against black voters in 1874

This 1874 political cartoon from Harper's Weekly depicts members of the White League denying blacks the right to vote. ZoomifyView »

“Marion Post Wolcott with Rolleiflex and Speed Graphic in hand in Montgomery County, Maryland”

Wolcott, Marion Post - Photograph - “Marion Post Wolcott with Rolleiflex and Speed Graphic in hand in Montgomery County, Maryland”

January 1940 photograph of Marion Post Wolcott. Wolcott was a member of the Farm Security Administration photography team that documented Depression-era rural life. ZoomifyView »

Architectural rendering of the Administration building at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute in Ruston c.1939.

Weiss, Dreyfous and Seiferth - Architectural Rendering - Administration building at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute in Ruston, Louisiana

A 1939 architectural rendering of the Administration building at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (now known as Louisiana Tech University), in Ruston, Louisiana, which is located in Lincoln Parish. The building was designed by the architectural firm of Weiss, Dreyfous, and Seiferth with EDW. F. Neild, D.A. Somdal, EDW. Neild, Jr., Associate Architects. ZoomifyView »

Whitesell, Joseph Woodson - Photograph - "Cabildo in the New Orleans Louisiana French Quarter".

New Orleans-based photographer Joseph Woodson Whitesell took this photo of the Cabildo in the 1930s. Built between 1795 and 1799, the Cabildo was the seat of the Spanish municipal government. ZoomifyView »

Carl Austin Weiss.

Weiss, Carl Austin - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait, 1935.

Carl Austin Weiss allegedly assassinated U.S. Senator Huey Pierce Long, Jr., on September 8, 1935. View »

Fonville Winans

Winans, Fonville- photograph.

Fonville Winans photographs a man in a boat on the south shore of Lake Palourde in St. Mary Parish. This photo was taken in the 1930s. ZoomifyView »

Grand Isle Bus

Winans, Fonville - Photograph - "Grand Isle Bus"

Fonville Winans made a series of photographs on Grand Isle in 1834. This is titled "Grand Isle Bus." ZoomifyView »

Winans, Fonville - Photograph - "Louisiana fisherman holding crabs"

Fonville Winans took this photograph of a Louisiana fisherman holding crabs. Born in Missouri, Winans developed a fascination with southern Louisiana and its inhabitants. ZoomifyView »

Mangrove Swamp

Wilkstrom, Anders Bror - Painting - "Mangrove Swamp", 1902

A founding member of the Artists’ Association of New Orleans, painter Bror A. Wilkstrom taught at its art school. He also helped publish and finance the illustrated periodical, Arts and Letters. ZoomifyView »