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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever - Print - By Boyd Cruise, 1956

Reproduction of a printing plate showing a woman dead from yellow fever. She is lying half in, and half out of her death bed. The plate is from the series "Louisiana Alphabet". ZoomifyView »

Children in St. Vincent's Asylum, New Orleans, Attended by Sisters of Charity

Yellow Fever - Illustration - Children in St. Vincent's Asylum, New Orleans, Attended by Sisters of Charity, 1878

A scene at St. Vincent's Asylum in New Orleans during an 1878 yellow fever epidemic. St. Vincent's preceded Charity Hospital. ZoomifyView »

Rules to be observed for Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever - Ephemera - First Aid Advice, 1905

A printed broadside describing first-aid advice for yellow fever, 1905. ZoomifyView »

The Desolation of Canal Street, the Broadway of New Orleans––Victims of the Fever being conveyed to the cemeteries

Yellow Fever - Engraving - The Desolation of Canal Street

Engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1878, entitled “The Desolation of Canal Street, the Broadway of New Orleans––Victims of the Fever being conveyed to the cemeteries.” ZoomifyView »

Boat and Pelicans, Delacroix

Yerger, George - Photograph - “Boat and Pelicans, Delacroix”

This black and white reproduction of a photograph taken in 2000 by George Yerger is entitled “Boat and Pelicans, Delacroix.” Yerger and his wife Leslie Addison describe their images as “offhand moments and everyday iconography that is the essence of our culturally rich and immensely layered southern existence.” ZoomifyView »

Maya Dream

Yerger, George - Photograph - “Maya Dream”

This reproduction of a black and white photograph by George Yerger taken in 2000 is entitled “Maya Dream.” Yerger and his wife, photographer Leslie Addison, have photographed extensively in Central and South America. ZoomifyView »

Copan Dream

Yerger, George - Photograph - “Copan Dream”

This black and white reproduction is of “Copan Dream,” a photograph taken in 2005 by George Yerger. Yerger sometimes tells photographic stories through techniques like double exposure, as seen in the original 24 by 24 inch work. ZoomifyView »

Delta Fields Mississippi

Yerger, George - Photograph - “Delta Fields Mississippi”

"Delta Landscape Louisiana" is the title of the original manipulated photograph by George Yerger, which measures 30 by 37 inches. Yerger uses collage and other techniques to create a document that pictorially conveys impressions of age and history. ZoomifyView »

White Church, Bayou Teche area

Yerger, George - Photograph - “White Church, Bayou Teche area”

This black and white reproduction of a photograph by George Yerger is entitled “White Church, Bayou Teche area,” taken in 2005. The original image measures 24 by 24 inches, and represents "a poetic, moody feel" common in Yerger's manipulated photographs. ZoomifyView »

Louisiana Marsh

Yerger, George - Photograph - “Louisiana Marsh”

This black and white reproduction of a photograph entitled “Louisiana Marsh” by artist George Yerger is an example of Yerger's dedication to imagery of southern landscapes. Taken in 2008, this manipulated photograph measures 22.5 by 38 inches. ZoomifyView »

Windsor Ruins, Mississippi

Yerger, George - Photograph - “Windsor Ruins, Mississippi”

New Orleans photographer George Yerger creates “visual memoirs of our ancestral family places” through techniques such as double exposure and using cheap disposable cameras to achieve abstract lighting elements. His "Windsor Ruins, Mississippi" is an example this style. View »

Percy Humphrey, Living Legends of Jazz

Young, Donn - photograph - "Percy Humphrey, Living Legends of Jazz"

Photographer Donn Young’s documentation of the “Living Legends of Jazz” included this portrait of Percy Humphrey posing on stage at Preservation Hall in New Orleans. ZoomifyView »

Sunrise 9th Ward New Orleans, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Young, Donn - photography - "Sunrise 9th Ward New Orleans, 40 Days and 40 Nights"

Most of photographer Donn Young’s lifetime’s work was destroyed due to flood waters from Hurricane Katrina inundating his New Orleans studio in 2005. Undaunted by the loss, Young documented the devastation wrought by the storm, including this scene he titled Sunrise, 9th Ward, New Orleans, part of his “40 Days and 40 Nights” series. ZoomifyView »

Living Legends, Lawrence Cotton

Young, Donn - Photograph - "Living Legends, Lawrence Cotton"

Donn Young made "Living Legends Lawrence Cotton, Living Legends of Jazz" in 2006. Young has established an enormous body of work that documents artists and their contributions, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. ZoomifyView »

Madonna of Desire, State Street essay

Young, Donn - Photograph - "Madonna of Desire, State Street essay"

Donn Young made this photograph of a child in the entrance of her day care center for a "day-in-the-life photo" essay in 1991. The work was made in the Desire housing project in eastern New Orleans, and is titled "Madonna of Desire, State Street essay." ZoomifyView »

Marcel Marceau

Young, Donn - Photograph - "Marcel Marceau"

This photograph of French entertainer Marcel Marceau was made by Donn Young in 1978. ZoomifyView »

NASA #20

Young, Donn - Photograph - "NASA #20"

Donn Young made "NASA #20" in 1986 to document the transportation of the Space Shuttle's fuel tanks, which were then manufactured in a facility in eastern New Orleans. ZoomifyView »

Ray Charles, Living Legends of Jazz

Young, Donn - Photograph - "Ray Charles, Living Legends of Jazz"

"Ray Charles, Living Legends of Jazz," made in 1993, is an example of photographer Donn Young's Legends of Jazz series. Along with his artistic endeavors Young also established the New Orleans Consortium, a freelance bureau that provided photographic services to print and broadcast outlets. ZoomifyView »

State Street Kids

Young, Donn - Photograph - "State Street Kids"

Donn Young's "State Street Kids" series was part of a documentation of the effect of suburban development on families and urban businesses in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1993. ZoomifyView »

Three Mile Island

Young, Donn - Photograph - "Three Mile Island"

This photograph, "Three Mile Island," showing cemetery headstones in the foreground and nuclear power plant towers across the horizon line, was made by Donn Young in 1979, the same year the nuclear power plant there experienced a partial nuclear meltdown. ZoomifyView »