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d'Abbadie, Jean Jacques Blaise

Jean Jacques Blaise D’Abbadie, an experienced naval officer and administrator, was one of three officials that Louis XV sent to govern French Colonial Louisiana in 1763. Read »

Dablow, Dean

Though his primary work as a visual artist has been in the medium of photography, Dean Dablow also produces paintings, sculpture, and mixed-media objects. Read »

Dakin, Charles and James

Louisiana architects Charles Dakin and James Dakin designed the Old State Capitol building in Baton Rouge, as well as the St. Charles Hotel in New Orleans, among other projects. Read »

Dane III, John

Louisianan John Dane III is a competitive sailor who has won championships at the helm of numerous sailing vessels. Read »

Dankner, Stephen

Stephen Dankner, a prolific composer whose works have been described as melodic and tonal with rich textures and chromatic harmony, spent many years working as a teacher while living in New Orlean Read »

Davis, Jimmie

James, better known as Jimmie, Davis served two non-consecutive terms as governor of Louisiana, from 1944 to 1948 and from 1960 to 1964. Read »

Davis, Mollie Moore

Mollie Moore Davis, a successful author and poet, was well known for the French Quarter literary salon she led for writers and artists. Read »

Dawson, Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan Dawson kept a dairy of her experiences during the Civil War in Louisiana. Read »

de Wit, Dom Gregory

In 1946, Benedictine artist Dom Gregory de Wit began working on his brilliantly colored, large scale murals for the St. Joseph Abbey near Covington, Louisiana. Read »

Deas, Michael

Michael Deas is a New Orleans artist who has gained acclaim with his high-profile commissions of famous Americans' portraits. Read »

Deckbar, Adrian

New Orleans artist Adrian Deckbar's photorealistic paintings are based on the landscape that surrounds her and often portray Louisiana swamps and wetlands. Read »

Dédé, Edmond

Edmond Dédé was a prominent African-American musician and composer in born in New Orleans in the nineteenth century. Read »

DeDeaux, Dawn

Dawn DeDeaux is a multi-media, digital, and conceptual artist based in New Orleans. Read »

Degas, Edgar

French impressionist painter Edgar Degas stayed with his Creole relatives in 1872 and 1873, and did some of his important works in New Orleans. Read »

Delahoussaye, Eddie

Horse racing jockey Eddie Delahoussaye won five Triple Crown races and is a member of the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. Read »

Delaney, Joe

Louisianan Joe Delaney played with the Kansas City Chiefs after a record-setting turn at Northwestern State in Nachitoches. Read »

Delcroix, Eugene

New Orleans photographer Eugene Delcroix's work ranges from studio portraiture to scenes of murky cypress swamps and French Quarter ironwork. Read »

Derbigny, Pierre Augustin Bourguignon

French-born Pierre Derbigny became the sixth elected governor of Louisiana in 1828 and played a role in the Louisiana Purchase. Read »

Desmond, John Jacob

Twentieth-century Louisiana architect John Jacob Desmond pioneered a style of regional modernism. Read »

DesOrmeaux, Kent

In 1989, jockey Kent Desormeaux's 598 first place finishes set the record for most wins in a single season. Read »