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Early Exploration

Before the first colonial settlement in 1682, Spanish and French explorers visited the territory that would become Louisiana. Read »

East Louisiana State Hospital

The East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson was the state's first major permanent facility to provide behavioral healthcare to patients. Read »

Edwards, Edwin

Democratic politician Edwin Washington Edwards casts a long shadow over the state‚Äôs political history. Read »

Edwards, Ethel

New Orleans born painter and instructor Ethel Edwards is known for her large-scale murals created during the New Deal era. Read »

Edwards, Jay Dearborn

Jay Dearborn Edwards was among the earliest photographers to document the city of New Orleans. Read »

Ellerbe, Jennifer K.

Jennifer Ellerbe is a photographer and artist from Monroe, Louisiana. Read »

Emery, Lin

Louisiana artist Lin Emery is best known for polished aluminum kinetic sculptures in public spaces and collections around the world. Read »

Esneault, Whitey

For nearly fifty years, legendary boxing trainer Whitey Esnault trained both neighborhood children and world champions in his French Quarter gym. Read »

Estes, Lee

Photographer Lee Estes is best known for his precise and extensive black and white photographic documentation of vernacular subjects, especially architecture. Read »

Evangeline Baseball League

The Evangeline League was a minor league baseball circuit in southern and central Louisiana in the first half of the twentieth century. Read »

Evangeline Legend

The legend of a displaced Acadian couple, Evangeline has played an important role in Louisiana history and culture despite its fictional nature. Read »

Evans, Walker

Walker Evans, recognized as the preeminent photographer of his generation, created many of his iconic images in New Orleans and along Louisiana's River Road. Read »