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Faget, Mignon

New Orleans designer Mignon Faget creates jewelry renowned for its natural forms and blend of French, Egyptian, and Southern styles. Read »

Falcon, Cleoma Breaux

Musician and singer Cléoma Breaux Falcon recorded the first Cajun record with her husband, Joseph Falcon. Read »

Fall of New Orleans and Federal Occupation

For both Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War, New Orleans was considered a strategic city at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Read »

Farm Security Administration Photography

The Farm Security Photography project was a Depression-era program that resulted in images which provided a unique glimpse into the lives of working-class Louisianans as they struggled to survive. Read »

Faulkner, William

Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner lived in New Orleans and wrote some of his earliest works there. Read »

Febres, George

Artist, curator, and gallery owner George Febres helped lead the resurgence of New Orleans as a regional art center beginning in the 1970s. Read »

Federal Art Project

The Federal Art Project was a Depression-era effort to bring art and artists into the everyday lives of Americans while simultaneously extending work relief to artists. Read »

Federal Writers Project

The Federal Writers Project in Louisiana produced oral histories, local guidebooks, and other writings between 1935 and 1939. Read »

Fein, Skylar

Largely self-taught and working primarily in wood sculptures, Skylar Fein graphically combines pop-culture icons and revolutionary texts into artwork with embedded political critiques. Read »

Ferdinand, Roy

Artist Roy Ferdinand chronicled the street life and characters from some of New Orleans's toughest neighborhoods with graphic, head-on representations of his subjects. Read »

Fernández, Royes

Royes Fernández, from New Orleans, was considered to be America's first premier ballet dancer. Read »

Fiction, Local Color

Local color fiction was a literature genre popular with American readers between 1870 and 1900. Read »

Filhiol, Don Juan

Don Juan Filhiol's most noted accomplishments are associated with the European settlement of the Ouachita River Valley and include the founding of the Poste d’Ouachita and Fort Miro, which later became Monroe, Louisiana. Read »

Flanders, Benjamin Franklin

During Reconstruction, Unionist Benjamin Flanders was selected as Louisiana’s first Republican governor in June of 1867. Read »

Flattmann, Alan

New Orleans artist Alan Flattmann has become recognized as one of the most influential and respected pastel artists in the country. Read »

Fleischbein, Francois Jacques

Though he painted a variety of subjects, German-born painter François Jacques Fleischbein is best known as portraitist who worked in New Orleans between 1834 and 1868. Read »

Flood of 1927

The Flood of 1927 inundated nearly 26,000 square miles in 170 counties in seven states, driving an estimated 931,159 people from their homes. Read »

Florida Parishes in the Civil War

The strategic location of Louisiana's Florida Parishes made them significant to Union forces during the Civil War. Read »

Flynn, Eddie

Eddie Flynn was considered by many to be the finest amateur boxer in the history of New Orleans. Read »

Folse, France

France Folse was the most successful folk painter to emerge from the Bayou Lafourche region in the twentieth century. Her painting chronicle the rapid changes that took place in the region with the discovery of oil and gas and the mechanization of the sugar industry. Read »