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Eustis, George

George Eustis served as the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1846 to 1853. Read »

Gaines, Ernest J.

Considered among the most important southern writers, Ernest J. Gaines is an award-winning fiction writer whose work often features the region where he grew up: rural and small-town south-central Louisiana. Read »

Gallaud, Louis

Louis Gallaud, a pianist from the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, is known for the memorable recordings he made with Punch Miller. Read »

Gallier Hall

Gallier Hall is considered one of the masterpieces of Greek Revival style in the South. Read »

Gallier, James, Sr.

The reputation of James Gallier Sr. exceeded that of all other architects of the nineteenth century in New Orleans. Read »

Gálvez, Bernardo de

Bernardo de Gálvez, the fourth governor of Spanish Louisiana, is best known for leading Louisiana militiamen against the British during the American Revolution. Read »

Garbeille, Philippe

Philippe Garbeille, a French sculptor working in New Orleans, specialized in portrait busts. Read »

Gary, Rhea

Rhea Gary, a longtime Baton Rouge resident, paints in a style that exaggerates colors found in nature. Read »

Gaudet, Mitchell

Mitchell Gaudet is an internationally recognized glass artist and founder of the New Orleans School of Glassworks. Read »

Gautreaux, Tim

Tim Gautreaux writes critically acclaimed novels and short fiction about Louisiana and Acadian culture. Read »

Gayarré, Charles

New Orleans native Charles Gayarré wrote the first complete history of Louisiana: a four-volume series entitled Louisiana History (1866). Read »

Gayoso, Manuel Luis de Lemos y Amorin

Manuel Luis Gayoso served as governor of the Spanish colonies of Louisiana and West Florida from 1797 until his death in 1799. Read »

Geldersma, John

Artist John Geldersma has assembled a body of work that can best be described as spiritually symbolic totems; carved, smooth, often painted, vertical wooden poles with tapered ends. Read »

Genin, John

John Genin as primarily known as a portrait painter, but he also produced historical, genre, and landscape painting in nineteenth century New Orleans. Read »

Genthe, Arnold

Arnold Genthe photographed New Orleans in the 1920s. Read »

Geodesic Domes

The geodesic dome was pioneered by architect Buckminster Fuller in the mid-twentieth century, and used in several notable Louisiana landmarks. Read »

Germantown Utopian Colony

Germantown was a utopian colony founded in 1835 by a breakaway sect of the Harmony Society in what is today rural Webster Parish near the town of Minden. Read »

Gerson, Alan

Painter and attorney Alan Gerson has achieved international recognition for his artwork, perhaps most notably as a award-winning participant in the 2000 Florence Biennial. Read »

Gilbert, Jan

Jan Gilbert is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator from New Orleans. Read »

Gilbert, Larry

Larry Gilbert played major-league baseball, including in the 1914 World Series, before managing the New Orleans Pelicans. Read »