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Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne d’

Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, Canadian soldier and explorer, is often described as the founder of the first permanent French settlement in Louisiana. Read »

Iles, Bill

Bill Iles is an accomplished Louisiana painter whose subject matter ranges from almost totally abstract images to landscapes that reflect more his imagination than reality. Read »

Immigrants in Civil War New Orleans

During the Civil War, immigrant communities in New Orleans generally supported the Union cause. Read »

Independent Women's Organization

The Independent Women's Organization became identified with good government due to its in-depth study of political issues, unbiased endorsements, and political action. Read »

Indian (Native American) Removal

The term Indian Removal is generally associated with President Andrew Jackson's forced relocation of the Cherokee Nation west of the Mississippi River. Read »

Indian Slavery

Indian slavery had a long history in French Canada, on the Gulf Coast, and in the Mississippi Valley. In colonial Louisiana both French and Spanish authorities sought to discourage it, but the practice continued until after the Louisiana Purchase. Read »

Insane Asylum of the State of Louisiana

SEE East Louisiana State Hospital

Insurrection of 1768

In 1768, French creole merchants and planters rebelled against the imposition of Spanish rule. Read »

Irby, William Ratcliffe

William Ratcliffe Irby, a wealthy tobacco company executive, banker, and philanthropist in New Orleans, became a driving force in saving the French Quarter from potential mass demolition. Read »

Irish in New Orleans

The influence of Irish immigrants in New Orleans can still be seen in the Irish Channel neighborhood, St. Patrick's Day celebrations and churches such as St. Alphonsus. Read »

Irvine, Sadie

Artist and educator Sarah Agnes Estelle “Sadie” Irvine is considered by many scholars the leading figure in the influential Newcomb Pottery movement. Read »


Louisiana’s Isleños descend from Canary Islanders who immigrated to the southeastern part of the state in the late 1700s, when Spain ruled the colony. Read »

Isleño Décimas

The traditional songs of the Spanish-speaking Isleños of St. Bernard Parish are known as décimas, traditionally a ten-verse satiric composition set to music. Read »


Louisiana has been home to many Italian immigrants and their descendants. By the mid-1800s, the state had the highest concentration of Italians in North America. Read »