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King Oliver

Pioneering jazz trumpet and cornet player and band leader “King” Oliver played an instrumental role in popularizing jazz outside of New Orleans and was an important mentor in the life of Louis Armstrong. Read »

O'Niell, Charles A.

Charles A. O'Niell served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1922 to 1949. Read »

Oak Alley Plantation

The 800-foot-long allée of live oak trees leading from the river to the columned house constitutes one of the most familiar and evocative images of Louisiana's grand plantation houses. Read »

Oaklawn Manor Plantation

Oaklawn Manor, on Bayou Teche, was originally owned by Irish-born lawyer Alexander Porter whose ancestry gave this area the name Irish Bend. Read »

Oakley Plantation

SEE Audubon State Historic Site

O'Connor, Rachel

A pioneer planter in what is now West Feliciana Parish, Rachel O’Connor wrote more than one hundred letters describing antebellum plantation life in southern Louisiana. Read »

Ohr, George

George Ohr was known for his eccentric personality and the wild and exaggerated pottery that he sold at his studio on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Read »


Although okra is consumed throughout the South, it is predominantly associated with south Louisiana, where it is used as a thickener for gumbo. Read »

Old Arsenal Museum

The Old Arsenal was constructed in 1838 for the Baton Rouge military post, the main ordinance depot for the southwestern United States. Read »

Old State Capitol

Designed by architect James H. Dakin, Louisiana’s Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge is among the state’s most distinctive architectural landmarks. Read »

Olivier, Rick

Much of Rick Olivier's photographic work over four decades is rooted in the Cajun region of his upbringing, especially with respect to his interest in Zydeco, a subject that forms one of the principal subjects of his work. Read »

Opera and Ballet

New Orleans has an almost unbroken tradition of opera that began in 1796 and first documented ballet was presented just three years later. Read »

O'Reilly, Alejandro

This entry provides a biographical overview of Alejandro O'Reilly, the second Spanish governor of Louisiana. Read »

Orleans Theatre

The Théâtre d’Orléans, established in 1815, was located on Orleans Avenue between Royal and Bourbon streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Read »

Ory, Kid

Trombonist and bandleader Kid Ory, a pioneer of the traditional New Orleans Jazz style, played a key role in the New Orleans Revival of the 1940s. Read »

Osborne, Ollie Tucker

Ollie Tucker Osborne spent thirty years as a businesswoman before becoming active in supporting and promoting the women's movement in Louisiana in the 1970s. Read »

Oswald, Lee Harvey

New Orleans-born Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Read »

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church's modern design was made possible in large part by the parish priest, Monsignor Irving DeBlanc, who persuaded his parishioners that a contemporary building would best serve changes in liturgy made by Vatican Council II. Read »

Oxley, Dave

Dave Oxley was a traditional jazz and early rhythm and blues drummer from New Orleans. Read »

Ozols, Auseklis

Artist and teacher Auseklis founded the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts in 1978. Read »