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Pailet, Joshua Mann

Joshua Mann Pailet is recognized as both an art photographer and the owner/director of A Gallery of Fine Photography in New Orleans. Read »

Pan Am Flight 759 Crash

On July 9, 1982, wind shear caused Pan Am Flight 759 to crash into the New Orleans suburb of Kenner, killing 153 people. Read »

Parish, Robert

Shreveport native Robert Parish was the calm, collected, confident center on the Boston Celtics’ NBA championship teams in the 1980s. Read »

Parker, Bonnie

SEE Capture of Bonnie and Clyde

Parker, C.R.

A Connecticut native, C.R. Parker was working as an artist in Louisiana, where he received a commission for several large portraits for the state capitol. Read »

Parker, John

John M. Parker, who served as governor of Louisiana between 1920 and 1924, was a passionate advocate of political reform movements and good government initiatives. Read »

Parnell, Mel

New Orleans–born Mel Parnell had an All-Star career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and was inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. Read »

Pastrano, Willie

Willie Pastrano made his professional boxing debut in 1951 after lying about his age to secure a license. Read »

Patout, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Patout was an important figure in the Louisiana banking and sugar industries. Read »

Patterson, Mickey

SEE Audrey Patterson-Tyler

Patterson-Tyler, Audrey

Audrey Patterson-Tyler was the first African American woman to win an Olympic medal. Read »

Paul, Emanuel

Emanuel Paul was a traditional jazz and brass band saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist from New Orleans. Read »

Pavageau, Alcide

Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau was an early jazz guitarist, string bassist, and dancer from New Orleans. Read »

Pavy, Francis

Lafayette artist Francis X. Pavy arranges archetypal images of South Louisiana into iconic patters within his paintings, block prints, and sculptures. Read »

Payton, Martin

Artist Martin Payton works in two primary media: stainless steel sculptors and oil paintings. Read »

Pelican Bowl

The creators of the Pelican Bowl had high hopes that the event would become a holiday season college football tradition, but poor attendance and the lack of a television broadcast deal led to its swift demise. Read »

Penn, Sammy

Traditional jazz drummer and vocalist Sammy Penn played with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on tour and in New Orleans. Read »

Pentagon Barracks

Built in 1819 as a fortification against the Spanish and slave insurrections, today the Pentagon Barracks house a museum, apartments, and the lieutenant governor's office. Read »

Percy, Walker

Walker Percy incorporated the culture and traditions of Louisiana in particular, and the South in general, into his literary work. Read »

Perelli, Achille

Italian-born sculptor Achille Perelli was an active participant in the New Orleans arts scene from 1850 to 1891. Read »