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A Streetcar Named Desire

In 1947 playwright Tennessee Williams premiered A Streetcar Named Desire, a critically acclaimed theatrical work that won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1948. Read »

Sacabo, Josephine

Known for her intimite, stylized photography, Josephine Sacabo principally has lived in New Orleans, citing the city's unique ambiance as a muse. Read »

Sahuc, Louis

Louis Sahuc came of age as a photographer in New Orleans in the 1970s as a member of a dynamic though informal group of photographers and designers who sought to find their calling in a field that was exploding with both artistic and commercial possibilities. Read »

Saint-Domingue Revolution

The revolution that began in Saint-Domingue in the West Indies in 1791 and ended in 1804 was the only successful slave rebellion in history. Read »

Salazar y Mendoza, José Francisco Xavier de

José Francisco Xavier de Salazar y Mendoza was a Spanish portraitist in colonial Louisiana. Read »

Salcedo, Manuel Juan de

Manual Juan de Salcedo, the last Spanish governor of Louisiana, served from July 14, 1801, until the transfer of Louisiana to the French on November 30, 1803. Read »

San Francisco Plantation

The San Francisco Plantation name is derived from the term “sans fruscins,” meaning “without a cent” or “having lost everything,” possibly alluding to the high cost of the house. Read »

Sanders, Jared Young

Democrat Jared Sanders, who served as governor of Louisiana from 1908 until 1912, was the first governor elected under a state law that required gubernatorial candidates to participate in a primary election. Read »

Sanders, Joe W.

Joe W. Sanders served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1973 to 1978. Read »

Sandusky, Phil

New Orleans artist Phil Sandusky describles his subject matter as “mundane” and “ordinary”—a shotgun house, cars parked on narrow streets, a sidewalk busy with shoppers. Read »


SEE Louis Armstrong

Sauvole, Sieur de

French explorer and commander Sieur de Sauvole served as the acting governor of Louisiana from May 2, 1699, until his death on August 22, 1701. Read »

Savoy, Marc

Marc Savoy is a Cajun folklorist, musician, and master accordion maker in Eunice. Read »

Saxon, Lula King

Though remembers for being a talented landscape painter, Lula King Saxon was also a writer,musician, poet, singer, and actress. Read »

Saxon, Lyle

Lyle Saxon published articles, short stories, books of creative nonfiction, and one novel; he also directed the Louisiana branch of the Federal Writers’ Project. Read »

Sayles, Emanuel

Emanuel Sayles was a New Orleans traditional jazz, blues, and rhythm and blues singer, banjoist and guitarist. Read »

Scheuermann, Louis

SEE Rags Scheuermann

Scheuermann, Rags

Louis "Rags" Scheuermann was a winning baseball coach at Loyola University and Delgado Community College, as well as in municipal sports programs for the city of New Orleans. Read »

Schmidt, George

George Schmidt is a New Orleans painter and musician whose paintings can be found at Generations Hall and the Inter-Continental Hotel. Read »

Scott, Evelyn

Evelyn Scott began her literary career as a poet but expanded into other literary genres, including short stories, essays, novels, memoir, and drama. Read »