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Valentine, Thomas

New Orleans traditional jazz musician Kid Thomas Valentine was one of the founders of Preservation Hall. Read »

Vanderlyn, John

John Vanderlyn, the first American painter to study in Paris, exhibited his work in New Orleans in 1821 and 1828. Read »

Vaudechamp, Jean Joseph

In the 1830s, French painter Jean Joseph Vaudechamp regularly visited New Orleans during the winter months to paint portraits of the city's elite French Creoles. Read »

Vaudreuil de Cavagnial, Pierre de Rigaud

Serving as French governor of Louisiana from 1743 until 1753, Pierre de Vaudreuil was popular with the upper-class colonists and French officials for his elegant manners. Read »

Viavant, George L.

George Viavant was widely acclaimed for his specialty in nature morte paintings, a style which boomed in popularity nationwide in the late nineteenth century. Read »

Vietnam War in Louisiana

The war in Vietnam polarized the people of Louisiana just as it polarized people across the country. Read »


Although relatively new to Louisiana, the Vietnamese people have become a substantial and visible part of the state's population. Read »

Vieux Carre Commission

Created in 1937 to preserve historic French Quarter buildings, the Vieux CarrĂ© Commission has survived legal, political, and economic challenges to become an internationally-recognized preservation agency. Read »

Villere, Jacques Philippe

Jacques VillerĂ© was the first native-born governor of Louisiana, serving from 1816 until 1820. Read »


SEE Voudou


Voudou, a synthesis of African religious and magical beliefs with Roman Catholicism, emerged in New Orleans in the 1700s and survives in active congregations today. Read »