Art Entries

Adams, Franklin

Franklin Adams was a prolific artist and teacher active in New Orleans for more than fifty years. His cross-media works spanned painting, sculpture, illustration, design, and architecture. Read »

Adams, Wayman

Painter Wayman Adams was primarily known for his portraits of prominent individuals painted in the “alla prima” style; quickly, often finishing his portraits in one sitting. Read »

Addison, Leslie and Yerger, George

SEE George Yerger and Leslie Addison

Alaux, Alexander

Alexander Alaux, born in France in 1851, came to Louisiana at the age of six. After studying in Europe, Alaux returned to Louisiana, where he painted with his children until his death in 1932. Read »

Albritton, Sarah

Sarah Albritton is a self-taught artist and restauranteur from Ruston. Read »

Albrizio, Conrad

Though born in New York City, artist Conrad Albrizio did much of his work in Louisiana, and his frescos, murals, and paintings ornament Depression-era buildings throughout the region. Read »

Alférez, Enrique

Sculptor Enrique Alférez's life spanned almost the entire twentieth century, with much of it spent creating art works in Louisiana. Read »

Allen, David

David Allen was a walking stick carver from Homer, Louisiana. His work often includes the heads of men, animals, and snakes combined with elements of popular culture. Read »

Amans, Jacques

French artist Jacques Amans was the leading portraitist in New Orleans during the 1840s and 1850s. Read »

Anderson, Matthew IV

For three decades, photographer Matt Anderson has focused his camera on New Orleans's musicians, cultural events, and the performing arts. Read »

Anderson, Walter Inglis

Walter Inglis Anderson, born in New Orleans, expressed his unique artistic vision in murals, watercolors, oils, sketches, sculpture, rugs, wallpaper, and furniture, among other art forms. Read »

Antrobus, John

Born and raised in England, John Antrobus immigrated to the United States and relocated many times, including a period in Louisiana, where he opened a studio and executed a series of landscape paintings. Read »

Art and Letters

The journal “Art and Letters” played a significant role in the development of the late-nineteenth-century New Orleans arts community. Read »

Artists' Association of New Orleans

The Artists’ Association of New Orleans, which was incorporated in 1886, promoted the appreciation of fine arts in the South in general and New Orleans in particular. Read »

Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans

Between 1922 and 1951, the Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans worked to enrich and expand the city’s artistic heritage and served as one of its cultural centers. Read »

Audubon, John James

Artist John James Audubon completed some of his most notable paintings for “The Birds of America” while in Louisiana. Read »

Azaceta, Luis Cruz

Cuban-born New Orleans artist Luis Cruz Azaceta creates monumental assemblages of barricades and photo constructions of urban blight, representing both hope and decay within American culture. Read »

Baker, William Henry

William Henry Baker was a itinerant Grand Manner portrait painter active in the New Orleans area during the nineteenth century. Read »

Barthé, Richmond

Richmond Barthé, raised in New Orleans, was a significant figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Much of Barthé's most celebrated sculptures are representations of the nude black male body. Read »

Barthé, Earl

Earl Barthe was a fifth-generation architectural artisan who created architectural decorative plaster works. Read »