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Rice Harvest

William Walker Aiken, - Painting - "Rice Harvest"

"Rice Harvest" is an 1885 painting by artist William Aiken Walker. View »

Privat Livemont Absinthe Robette

Absinthe - Advertisement - "Privat Livemont Absinthe Robette"

This art nouveau-style depiction of the popularity of absinthe in 1895 is considered to be artist Privat Livmont's finest artwork. ZoomifyView »

Swiss Anti- Absinthe Prohibition Poster

Absinthe - Illustration - Swiss Anti- Absinthe Prohibition Poster

Switzerland's 1908 prohibition of absinthe liquor inspired this protest poster, made by Albert Gantner in 1910. ZoomifyView »

Market Baskets

Acolopissa Peoples - Split Oak - "Market Baskets"

These split oak "Market Baskets" ca. 1900, are attributed to the Acolopissa Peoples from Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes in southeaster Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

An Advertisement for Mignon Faget

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - An Advertisement for Mignon Faget

Franklin Adams created the logo for famed New Orleans-based jeweler Mignon Faget, along with advertisements for her business, as shown here. ZoomifyView »

Costume design for a ballet

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Costume design for a ballet

This 1978 illustration by Franklin Adams depicts his costume designs for a New Orleans ballet. ZoomifyView »

Longwaisted Strapless Bra

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Longwaisted Strapless Bra

Franklin Adams used charcoal pencil and conte crayon to create "Longwaisted Strapless Bra." View »

Set and costume design

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Set and costume design

Franklin Adams' set and costume designs for a theatrical production of "Victimes du Devoir" by Eugène Ionesco. ZoomifyView »

Stockings with Clothespins

Adams, Franklin - Stockings with Clothespins - Illustration

An illustration with charcoal pencil and white conte crayon by Franklin Adams entitled "Stockings with Clothespins", ca. 1994. View »

His Heir, New Orleans China Town

Adams, Wayman - Painting - "His Heir, New Orleans China Town"

Wayman Adams titled this painting "His Heir, New Orleans China Town." ZoomifyView »


Adams, Wayman - Painting - "Restin"

This oil-on-board painting entitled "Restin" shows Wayman Adams' keen interest in capturing New Orleans' African-American community in addition to his better-known portraiture. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Ellsworth Woodward

Adams, Wayman - Painting - Portrait of Ellsworth Woodward

In addition to portraits of presidents Hoover, Coolidge, and Harding, Wayman Adams painted prominent New Orleans artists, including here Ellsworth Woodward, a pillar of the city's art scene. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Miss Grace King

Adams, Wayman - Painting - Portrait of Miss Grace King

Wayman Adams' circa 1930 portrait of Miss Grace King is the collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art. ZoomifyView »

Tomb by River

Addison, Leslie - Mixed Media - “Tomb by River”

This mixed media work by Leslie Addison, created in 1999, is entitled “Tomb by River” and measures 48 by 60 inches. Addison cites influences of abstraction and surrealism, and often employs iconic images of time and place. ZoomifyView »

Ancient Oak

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Ancient Oak”

This reproduction of a 24 by 24 inch black and white photograph entitled “Ancient Oak,” by Leslie Addison, is an example of the photographer's deep reverence for the land and images of her native Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

Blues Joint, Dapp's Place

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Blues Joint, Dapp's Place”

This reproduction is of a black and white photograph entitled “Blues Joint, Dapp's Place” by Leslie Addison in 2010. Measuring 32 by 32 inches, the image is an example of the layered, torn and pasted techniques Addison employs to suggest fragmented memory. ZoomifyView »

In Remembrance

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “In Remembrance”

In this photocollage entitled “In Remembrance,” by Leslie Addison, the artist uses cemeteries of her native Louisiana, where generations of family are interred. By tearing and rearranging elements of her original photograph, Addison references the abstract expressionist style. ZoomifyView »

Mother Emmhezel, New Orleans

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Mother Emmhezel, New Orleans”

"Mother Emmhezel, New Orleans" is the title of the original 32 by 32 inch black and white photograph by Leslie Addison. Addison repeats the careworn image of the makeshift grave marker by scratching and marking the photograph's surface. ZoomifyView »

Searching, Time: Location Unknown

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Searching, Time: Location Unknown”

This color reproduction of a mixed media piece by Leslie Addison entitled “Searching, Time: Location Unknown” shows the artists' use of a manipulated surface to suggest layers of memory and history. Created in 2008, the original measures 22 by 22 inches. ZoomifyView »

St. Louis Cemetery

Addison, Leslie - photograph - "St. Louis Cemetery"

This black and white reproduction of a 24 by 24 inch photograph by Leslie Addison depicts Addison's use of double exposed film to symbolize "our...immensely layered southern existence." The work is entitled "St. Louis Cemetery." ZoomifyView »

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