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Letter from General Andrew Jackson to Senator James Brown, January 26, 1815.

Battle of New Orleans - Interactive Feature - Letter from Andrew Jackson to James Brown

A letter from General Andrew Jackson to Senator James Brown, composed on January 26, 1815, two weeks after the Battle of New Orleans. Instructions: Drag the magnifying glass over the letter to read the text. Or click "transcribe page" to read the entire document. View »

Ordinance against slavery

Ordinance against slavery - Interactive Feature - Document Reader

A page from the 1864 Louisiana State Constitution written to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude in the state. View »

School Desegregation in Louisiana

School Desegregation in Louisiana

An interactive, multimedia time line articulating the events surrounding School Desegregation in Louisiana, made possible through a partnership between the Amistad Research Collection at Tulane University, the Louisiana State Museum, and The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

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