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Acadian Weaver

Acadian Weaver - Lithograph- Acadian or Cajun weaver working her loom

An Acadian or Cajun woman weaves fabric on her loom. ZoomifyView »


Alaux, Alexander - Painting - Evangeline

Alexander Alaux's oil painting entitled "Evangeline" shows the legendary lovers, from the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, before they are tragically separated. ZoomifyView »


Albritton, Sarah - Painting - "Hell"

This acrylic-on-paper work, entitled "Hell" (1995-96) and measuring 18 x 24 inches, is indicative of the visionary symbolic representations of Sarah Albritton's Christian faith that is a hallmark of her art. Albritton once said: "I was born in hell. I grew up in hell. I started to say, there was hell in my job and hell in home. I wonder when hell's going to leave me alone. ... Let me describe hell to you. If you go back and look at the situation, I was born, nobody loved me, I was hungry, I was naked, and I was cold. And I lived in hell until I could take care of my own self." ZoomifyView »

America at War

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - America at War

Artist Sarah Albritton's "America at War," an acrylic on watercolor paper measuring 24 x 30 inches, was completed in 2002. ZoomifyView »

Angels Watching Over Me

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Angels Watching Over Me

Characteristic of her work, "Angels Watching over Me" (1996-97) reflects artist Sarah Albritton's spiritual vision. Reflecting on this work, Albritton said, "All the time from a child up, Gold held the hand of protection over me, and the angels held a protection over me, and that's the story there." ZoomifyView »

Bastard Baby

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Bastard Baby

Sarah Albritton's childhood, in which she was born in Arcadia, moved to Ruston at two-months old and raised fatherless and in poverty, clearly influences this 1998 painting, "Bastard Baby." ZoomifyView »

Booted out of Church

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Booted out of Church

A beloved Ruston, Louisiana restauranteur, Sarah Albritton began to paint in 1993 after being asked to contribute to a North Central Louisiana Arts Council fundraiser and discovering her talent. Albritton continued to paint following major surgery in 1999 and has recently created masterful works such as here "Booted out of Church", an acrylic on canvas board completed in 2011. ZoomifyView »

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Bridge Over Troubled Water

In Sarah Albritton's major work "Bridge over Troubled Water" (1998), the artist depicts an adult version of herself, seated by the stream in her signature cook's clothing, watching a young version of herself cross the bridge. ZoomifyView »


Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Katrina

Sarah Albritton's "Katrina" dates from 2005 and is an acrylic on canvas measuring 16 x 20 inches. View »

Neighbors Picking Cotton

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Neighbors Picking Cotton

Folk artist Sarah Albritton depicts the tradition of neighbors picking one another's cotton field in a time-honored tradition in North Louisiana communities of Vienna and Mount Harmony, which featured singing hyms, food, and socializing as well as toil, in "Neighbors Picking Cotton" (1998). ZoomifyView »

Pullin Watermelons and Eatin Em

Albritton, Sarah - Painting - Pullin Watermelons and Eatin Em

Sarah Albritton's "Pullin Watermelons and Eatin Em," 2002, acrylic on canvas board, 8 x 10 inches. After a major surgery in 1999, Albritton's works became smaller in scale. ZoomifyView »

Sarah Albritton in the Garden

Albritton, Sarah - Photograph - Sarah Albritton in the Garden

Self-taught artist Sarah Albritton sitting in her garden. View »

Sarah Albritton in the Yard

Albritton, Sarah - Photograph - Sarah Albritton in the Yard

Sarah Albritton sitting in her yard, circa 2007. View »

All Saint's Day, New Roads, Louisiana

All Saint's Day - Photograph - by Lee Russell

Photographer Lee Russell photographed a family in New Roads, Louisiana, praying in a cemetery on All Saints Day. Russell worked for the Farm Security Administration in the 1940s. View »

All Saints Day at St. Louis Cemetery

All Saints Day - Photograph - Taken at St. Louis Cemetery

This man tends to a grave in St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans on All Saints Day during the 1940s. View »

Earl Barthé

Barthé, Earl - Photograph - Standing portrait

Photographic portrait of Earl Barthé. View »

Decorative Plaster Medallion

Barthé, Earl - Plaster - Decorative Plaster Medallion

Avid preservationist and master plasterer Earl Barthé won an Akins Award from the International Preservation Trades Network in 2006, a National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2005, and induction into the Louisiana AFL-CIO Labor Hall of Fame in 2003. This "Medallion," made in 2004, measures 42 inches. ZoomifyView »

Great Blue Heron

Billiot, Ivy - Sculpture - "Great Blue Heron"

Self-taught Houma Indian artist Ivy Billiot crafted "Great Blue Heron" from white cypress in 2004. An expert chain saw operator, Billiot achieves detailed realism in woodcarving and painting. The carving measures 17 x 7.5 inches. ZoomifyView »

Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet

Blessing of the Fleet - Photograph - Parade float

A 1940s photograph of a parade float for the Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet in Morgan City, Louisiana. View »

Chief 'Monk' Boudreaux Sewing

Boudreaux, Chief 'Monk' - Photograph - Michael P. Smith

Joseph Pierre "Monk" Boudreaux, Chief of the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indian tribe, sits on the floor sewing his "suit" or costume. Each Mardi Gras Indian sews a new "suit" for every Mardi Gras celebration. ZoomifyView »

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