Music Entries

Adams, Dolly

Jazz pianist Dolly Adams was a respected musician and band leader in New Orleans from the 1920s through the 1970s. Read »

Allen, Dick

Jazz historian Dick Allen was instrumental in the founding of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane and was a curator of the archive from 1958 to 1980. Read »

Amacker, Frank

Frank Amacker, nicknamed “Dude,” was not only a gifted jazz musician, but also an impeccable dresser. Read »

Anderson, Andy

Jazz trumpeter Andy Anderson had a successful career working in many jazz clubs and dance halls in New Orleans from the 1920s through the 1960s. Read »

Ardoin, Amede

One of southern Louisiana’s first great recording artists was a Creole accordionist and singer named Amédé Ardoin. Read »

Ardoin, Bois Sec

Alfonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin was an accomplished Zydeco accordion musician. Read »

Armstrong, Louis

Renowned as a seminal figure in the evolution of jazz, Louis Armstrong is also considered one of the major artistic figures of the twentieth century. Read »

Arquier, Joseph

Composer and cellist Joseph Arquier lived in New Orleans between 1800 and 1804. Read »

Balfa, Dewey

Dewey Balfa was a Cajun musician and cultural activist who emerged in the 1970s as an effective spokesman for the grassroots Cajun identity movement. Read »

Barbarin, Paul

Jazz musician Paul Barbarin was a pioneer and leading representative of classic New Orleans drumming. Read »

Barnes, Emile

Emile Barnes was a ragtime, early jazz, and brass band clarinetist from New Orleans, perhaps best remembered for his distinctive, blues-inflected sound and performance style. Read »

Barnes, Polo

New Orleans jazz clarinetist Paul “Polo” Barnes performed frequently at Preservation Hall in the 1960s. Read »

Barrett, Sweet Emma

Self-taught jazz pianist Sweet Emma Barrett was able to follow any piece of music after hearing it only once. Read »

Bartholomew, Dave

A pillar of New Orleans rhythm and blues (R&B) community, Dave Bartholomew is a trumpeter, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer, bandleader, and astute businessman. Read »

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet

Formed during the Cajun revival of the 1970s, BeauSoleil and its founder, fiddler Michael Doucet, are among Louisiana's most prominent ambassadors of Cajun music and culture. Read »

Bechet, Sidney

Clarinetist and soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet was one of the first great soloists of traditional New Orleans jazz. Read »

Bigard, Alex

Jazz drummer Alex Bigard had a successful career as a recording artist and musician in New Orleans for much of the twentieth century. Read »

Blues Music

Of the 119 musicians inducted into the national Blues Hall of Fame, roughly twenty percent are from Louisiana. Read »

Bo, Eddie

Eddie Bo was a songwriter, arranger, producer, vocalist, and pianist, born and raised in New Orleans. Read »

Bocage, Peter

Peter Bocage was a jazz musician active in brass bands and second line parades in the early twentieth century. Read »