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Genthe, Arnold - Photograph - “Nuns walking in front of the Arsenal”

“Nuns walking in front of the Arsenal”, 1920s, by German photographer Arnold Genthe. Much of his work reflected the influence of pictorialism, a photographic style, popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, that sought to emulate paintings. ZoomifyView »

Genthe, Arnold - Photograph - “New Orleans - Way to Market”

Photograph of two women walking to the market, one with a basket balanced on her head. ZoomifyView »

Genthe, Arnold - Photograph - “On the ruins (April 1906), Chinatown, San Francisco”

Arnold Genthe captured this image of San Francisco's Chinatown immediately following the the earthquake in 1906. ZoomifyView »

Genthe, Arnold - Photograph - "Children of high class, Chinatown, San Francisco"

Best known for his photographs of San Francisco's Chinatown, Arnold Genthe also photographed New Orleans in the 1920s. ZoomifyView »

King, Grace - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait by Arnold Genthe

Writer Grace King's fiction often depicted the Creole culture of New Orleans. Though neither a Creole nor a Catholic herself, King knew these cultures well. ZoomifyView »

Genthe, Arnold - Photograph - "Plantation House"

German-born Arnold Genthe was known for photographs in the "pictorialist" style, which employed soft focus and special filters to achieve a nostalgic, idealized image. ZoomifyView »

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