Jim Crow


Also Known As: Segregation

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Jim Crow Must Go - Photograph - Protest, 1961

A New Orleans CORE protest at Woolworth's and McCrory's took place on Canal Street in April, 1961. View »

Jim Crow Streetcar - Photograph - Interior view during segregation

This 1941 photograph depicts the interior of a New Orleans street car during segregation. A wooden sign reads "For Colored Patrons ONLY." ZoomifyView »

Jim Crow - Illustration - "White" and "Jim Crow" railcars

John T. McCutcheon drew this satirical cartoon in 1904, illustrating the unequal treatment of people of color during the Jim Crow era. ZoomifyView »

Jim Crow - Sheet Music - Jim Crow Jubilee

Sheet music cover by lithographer John H. Bufford, Jim Crow Jubilee, was inspired by segregation laws, written by composer Augustus Clapp in 1847. ZoomifyView »

Jim Crow - Photograph - Young man drinking from segregated water cooler

A young man drinks from a clearly marked "colored" water cooler in a streetcar terminal, an example of daily life during Jim Crow era captured by photographer Russell Lee in 1939. ZoomifyView »

Canal Club - Photograph - Front of building

By 1940 many businesses were segregated as shown in this image of the Club Canal in Louisiana. View »

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