Colfax Massacre

(April 13, 1873)

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Calhoun Plantation - Photograph - Colfax Massacre

Plantations belonging to Meredith Calhoun surrounded the riverboat landing that would one day become the town of Colfax. At the peak of production, the Calhoun plantations employed more than 700 slaves and produced more cotton than any other property in Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

Grant, Ulysses S. - Illustration - "The head of the nation's nightmare - see what dreams may come from too free an indulgence in the "pipe of peace" "

Caricature of Ulysses S. Grant in bed dreaming of visions of African American revolts in Louisiana and the Modoc Indian massacre in Oregon ZoomifyView »

Colfax Massacre - Illustration - "Massacre of the Negroes at Colfax Court House"

This illustration shows a scene from the violent conflict of 1873 known as the Colfax Massacre, between an armed white militia against freedmen and black state militia members. The white militia overpowered the Colfax courthouse being held by the freedmen and state militia, killing between 80-150 people (3 white militia members also died). The attack was is response to contested elections during Reconstruction. ZoomifyView »

Colfax Massacre - Illustration - Sheppard, William Ludwell

This wood engraving from Harper's Weekly 1873 edition was created by William Ludwell Sheppard. The illustration depicts African Americans by a camp fire under a lean-to structure and is entitled, "Negroes hiding in the swamps of Louisiana." ZoomifyView »

Colfax Massacre - Illustration - "The Louisiana Murders"

An illustration from Harpers weekly entitled “The Louisiana Murders”, depicting a scene from the Colfax Massacre in 1873. ZoomifyView »

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