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Baby Dolls

The Baby Dolls were one of the first women's street masking groups in the United States. The practice continues today as a living legacy. Read »

Baker, Joshua

Democrat Joshua Baker served as military governor of Louisiana from January to July 1868. Read »

Baker, William Henry

William Henry Baker was a itinerant Grand Manner portrait painter active in the New Orleans area during the nineteenth century. Read »

Balfa, Dewey

Dewey Balfa was a Cajun musician and cultural activist who emerged in the 1970s as an effective spokesman for the grassroots Cajun identity movement. Read »

Ball, Marcia

Marcia Ball, a blues and swamp-rock pianist and singer, grew-up in the small town of Vinton. Read »

Barbarin, Paul

Jazz musician Paul Barbarin was a pioneer and leading representative of classic New Orleans drumming. Read »

Barmore, Leon

Before his retirement in 2002, basketball coach Leon Barmore led the Lady Techsters from Louisiana Tech University to nine Final Four appearances. Read »

Barnes, Emile

Emile Barnes was a ragtime, early jazz, and brass band clarinetist from New Orleans, perhaps best remembered for his distinctive, blues-inflected sound and performance style. Read »

Barnes, Paul

SEE Polo Barnes

Barnes, Polo

New Orleans jazz clarinetist Paul “Polo” Barnes performed frequently at Preservation Hall in the 1960s. Read »

Barrett, Sweet Emma

Self-taught jazz pianist Sweet Emma Barrett was able to follow any piece of music after hearing it only once. Read »

Barrow, Clyde

SEE Capture of Bonnie and Clyde

Barthé, Richmond

Richmond Barthé, raised in New Orleans, was a significant figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Much of Barthé's most celebrated sculptures are representations of the nude black male body. Read »

Barthé, Earl

Earl Barthe was a fifth-generation architectural artisan who created architectural decorative plaster works. Read »

Bartholomew, Dave

A pillar of New Orleans rhythm and blues (R&B) community, Dave Bartholomew is a trumpeter, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer, bandleader, and astute businessman. Read »

Basketry (Native American)

A hallmark of southeastern Indian societies, cane basketry traditions persist in fewer than ten contemporary tribal communities in the southeastern United States, including three in Louisiana. Read »

Basso, Hamilton

New Orleans-born Hamilton Basso was an influential novelist and journalist, as well as part of the southern literary renaissance. Read »

Bastrop, Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de

Felipe Enrique Neri, although deceptive about his own lineage, nevertheless played an important role in the settlement of the Ouachita Valley in northeast Louisiana. Read »

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott

The 1953 Baton Rouge Bus Boycott was an organized, eight-day long protest of the segregated seating system on city buses. Read »

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra is eighty-five to ninety musicians strong, and plays more than sixty concerts in twelve different venues annually. Read »