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Jackson, Mahalia

Mahalia Jackson, a New Orleans native, was one of the most powerful and influential singers in African-American gospel music. Read »

Jacobs, Marion

SEE Little Walter

James, Joe

From 1925 until his death in 1964, Joe James was the regular pianist in Kid Thomas’s band. Read »

James, Louis

Louis James was a New Orleans traditional jazz string bass player, clarinetist, and multi-instrumentalist. Read »

Jarvis, John Wesley

John Wesley Jarvis was as well-known for his eccentric personality and dress as he was for his talent as a portrait and landscape painter. Read »

Jazz Funerals and Second Line Parades

New Orleans Jazz Funerals are public burial services for prominent community members; traditionally African American males. After the funeral service, a procession of musicians, funeral directors, family, and friends moves from the site of the funeral to the cemetery while marching to the beat of a brass band. Read »

Jazz, Traditional New Orleans

Traditional New Orleans jazz is a musical genre with distinctive stylistic features that are tied to festival traditions within a discrete, regional culture. Read »

Jean-Pierre, Ulrick

Ulrick Jean-Pierre, a New Orleans resident since the early 1990s, creates lush historical paintings of his native Haiti many infused with representations of the centuries-old connections between Haiti and his adopted city. Read »

Jefferson, Andrew

Andrew Jefferson was a New Orleans traditional jazz and brass band drummer and vocalist. Read »

Jelly Roll Morton

Jelly Roll Morton was the first important composer and arranger of New Orleans jazz, as well as an agile pianist, a compelling singer, and one of the early jazz world’s most flamboyant characters. Read »

Jiles, Albert

Albert Jiles was a traditional and brass band drummer who performed regularly at Preservation Hall in New Orleans. Read »

Jim Crow

In the late nineteenth century, the implementation of Jim Crow—or racial segregation—laws institutionalized white supremacy and black inferiority throughout the South. Read »

Jindal, Bobby

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is the fifty-fifth governor of Louisiana. Read »

Jindal, Piyush

SEE Bobby Jindal

Johns, Paul Emile

Paul Emile Johns is credited with the first performance of a Beethoven piano concerto, in New Orleans in 1819. Read »

Johnson, Alonzo

SEE Lonnie Johnson

Johnson, Bernette Joshua

Bernette Johnson, chosen as Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court in 2013, is the first African American to hold that position. Read »

Johnson, Bunk

Bunk Johnson was a trumpeter and one of the leaders of the New Orleans jazz revival in the 1930s. Read »

Johnson, Edward Noon

Edward Noon Johnson was a New Orleans musical personality, multi-instrumentalist, and inventor. Read »

Johnson, Georgia

Georgia Johnson was a businesswoman and civil rights activist in Alexandria from the 1920s to the 1960s. Read »