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K-Doe, Ernie

The late New Orleans rhythm & blues artist Ernie K-Doe remains an iconic figure in Crescent City music and culture. Read »

Kador Jr., Ernest

SEE Ernie K-Doe

Kane, Julie

Boston-born Julie Kane was appointed the 2011-2013 Louisiana Poet Laureate. Read »

Keller, Rosa

Rosa Freeman Keller spent her life fighting for equal rights for all New Orleans citizens, including the desegregation of the New Olreans public transportation system, school system, and libraries. Read »

Kellogg, William Pitt

William Pitt Kellogg was governor of Louisiana during the divisive period of Radical Reconstruction. Read »

Kelly, Felix

Artist Felix Kelly spent decades painting in the Deep South, often depicting themes of romanticized declining mansions and steamboats along the Mississippi River. Read »

Kennon, Robert

Louisiana governor Robert Kennon successfully campaigned on a platform of taking a “civics book approach” to government and eliminating corruption. Read »

Kerlerec, Louis Billouart de

French naval officer Louis Billouart, Chevalier de Kerlérec served as governor of Louisiana between 1753 and 1763. Read »

Kershaw, Doug

Doug Kershaw is a Cajun fiddler, singer, and songwriter who cemented his place in American popular music at the height of the 1960s counter-culture movement with two self-penned hits, “Louisiana Man” and “Diggy Diggy Lo.” Read »

Keyes, Frances Parkinson

Francis Parkinson Keyes first visited New Orleans during Mardi Gras in 1940 when she was 55 years old. Enthralled with the city, Keyes rented a grand home in the French Quarter and set many novels there, including “Dinner at Antoine's,” published in 1948. Keyes died in her home in New Orleans on July 3, 1970. Read »

Kimball, Catherine D.

Catherine D. Kimball was the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 2009 to 2013. Read »

Kimball, Narvin

Narvin Kimball enjoyed a long career as a successful New Orleans jazz and swing musician. Read »

King, Alvin

Alvin King served as governor of Louisiana for five months during a political power struggle between Huey P. Long and Lieutenant Governor Paul Cyr. Read »

King, Grace

New Orleans novelist and historian Grace King made the city and state of her birth an abiding theme in her work. Read »

Kinsey, Alberta

Alberta Kinsey settled in New Orleans in the 1920s where she was actively associated with the French Quarter Renaissance. Read »

Klaus, Kenneth Blanchard

Kenneth B. Klaus was a composer, conductor, and musicologist in Baton Rouge during the twentieth century. Read »


Craig S. Lawson, better known by his stage name KLC “The Drum Major,” is a Grammy-nominated music producer from New Orleans. Read »

Knights of the White Camellia

The white supremacist group Knights of the White Camellia emerged during Reconstruction, and were referred to as Louisiana's version of the Ku Klux Klan. Read »

Koch, Richard

Louisiana architect and preservationist Richard Koch worked with the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) in the state during the Great Depression. Read »

Kohlmeyer, Ida

Ida Kohlmeyer, a New Orleans painter, sculptor, printmaker, and teacher, is nationally recognized as one of the most influential contemporary artists in the South. Read »