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Natchez Revolt of 1729

The Natchez massacre of 1729 was the culmination of failed French colonial diplomacy with the Natchez Indian tribe. Read »

Natchitoches Settlement

The Natchitoches settlement, founded in 1714, is the oldest in the Louisiana Territory. Read »

National Archives, France

The National Archives of France in Paris is an important resource for scholars of early Louisiana architecture. Read »

National Theatre

The National Theatre, built in 1866 on the corner of Baronne and Perdido Streets in New Orleans, was an important music venue in the city during the late nineteenth century. Read »

Native American Literature in Louisiana

Native American culture has influenced Louisiana for at least six thousand years. Today, Louisiana is home to four federally-recognized tribes: Chitimacha, Tunica-Biloxi, Coushatta, and the Jena Band of Choctaw. Read »

Native American Mounds

Louisiana boasts some of the most significant Native American earthen monuments in North America and ranks second only to Mississippi in the number of mound sites. Read »

Native Americans in Twentieth-Century Louisiana

Native American communities in Louisiana are culturally diverse with unique histories. Read »

Nature Writing

From the time of colonial exploration to the present, Louisiana’s landscape has inspired a rich variety of nature writing. Read »

Neff, Thomas

Louisiana photographer Thomas Neff prefers the slow, contemplative process of the 5 x 7 inch, large format camera. Read »

Negro Leagues of Louisiana

The Negro Leagues were the network of African-American baseball teams and players from the 1880s to the integration of baseball in 1946–47. Read »

Nelson, Louis

Louis Nelson was a sought-after traditional jazz trombonist from New Orleans. Read »

Neutral Strip

In October 1806, armed forces of the expanding United States and the declining empire of Spain faced each other across the Sabine River between Spanish Texas and American Louisiana. Read »

Neville Brothers

Art, Aaron, Charles, and Cyril Neville comprise one of the most successful groups to emerge from New Orleans in recent decades; among many other projects, this family of musicians has performed and recorded as "The Neville Brothers" since 1977. Read »

New Deal in Louisiana

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal brought jobs and resources to Louisiana during the Great Depression. Read »

New Llano Cooperative Colony

More than ten thousand people participated in America’s longest-lived socialist community, the New Llano Cooperative Colony located south of Leesville in Vernon Parish. Read »

New Orleans Art League

In December 1927 several professional male members of the Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans organized the New Orleans Art League. Read »

New Orleans in Literature

New Orleans has been the subject of literature from the colonial period to the present day. Read »

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Founded in 1970, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, known as Jazz Fest, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to experience the music, cuisine, and cultural heritage of Louisiana. Read »

New Orleans Musica da Camera

New Orleans Musica da Camera is the oldest early music ensemble in the Americas, and one of the oldest classical music organizations in the South. Read »

New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony

Founded in 1936, the New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony permanently suspended operations in 1991. Read »