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Rainach, William M.

SEE Willie Rainach

Rainach, Willie

Politician Willie Rainach was one of Louisiana's most vigorous opponents of desegration. Read »

Rameau, Jean-Philippe

Jean-Philippe Rameau was a French composer best known for Les Indes galantes, an opera-ballet published in 1735. Read »

Rap, Hip-Hop, and Bounce Music

Rap, hip-hop, and bounce are musical genres that developed in New Orleans beginning in the late 1980s. Read »


The post-Civil War period in US history is known as the Reconstruction era, when secessionist states were brought back into the Union. Read »

Record Labels in Louisiana

With its diverse musical heritage, Louisiana has been home to many important record labels. Read »

Red River Campaign

In the 1864 Red River Campaign, Union troops attempted but failed to surround Confederate forces in northwestern Louisiana. Read »

Red River Raft

The Great Raft was a thousand-year-old logjam in the Red River that prevented transportation downriver to New Orleans. Read »

Reed, Sarah Towles

Sarah Towles Reed founded the first teachers' union in New Orleans and worked for women's rights, educational reform, the plight of labor, and racial justice throughout her long public life. Read »

Reed, Willis

NBA player Willis Reed first garnered national attention as a standout at Grambling State University. Read »

Reeves, Darryl

Darryl Reeves is a master blacksmith who hand-forges decorative and functional ironwork for many of New Orleans' historic homes and public buildings. Read »

Reinike, Charles

Charles Henry Reinike was one of New Orleans's most respected artists and art teachers from the late 1930s until his death in 1983. Read »

Relle, Frank

Frank Relle's color photographs achieved national and international attention after 2005, particularly the pictures he shot in New Orleans capturing the destruction from the levee failures following Hurricane Katrina. Read »

Rhythm and Blues Music

The rhythm and blues (R&B) music heritage in Louisiana includes a wide variety of styles, beginning in the 1940s and continuing until today. Read »

Rice, Anne

Anne Rice, a New Orleans-born author, is well known for her historical novels and fictional vampires. Read »

Richard, Jim

Jim Richard is best known for his paintings of modernist works of art situated in richly decorated and ominously claustrophobic home interiors. Read »

Richard, Zachary

Born in Scott, where he still maintains a home, Zachary Richard is a musician, poet, environmentalist, and cultural activist. Read »

Richards, Thomas Addison

Artist and travel writer Thomas Addison Richards captured unique natural features of the South, depicting the region's lofty river banks, picturesque live oaks, and lush cypress-filled swampland. Read »

Richardson, Ham

Ham Richardson was one of the top-rated men’s tennis players in the world in the 1950s. Read »

Richardson, Henry Hobson

Louisiana-born architect H. H. Richardson is one of the most notables American architects of the late nineteenth century. Read »