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Allen, Oscar K.

Democrat Oscar “O.K.” Allen served as governor of Louisiana from 1932 to 1936, Huey P. Long’s hand-picked successor after Long resigned to serve in the US Senate. Read »

Alma Plantation

Alma Plantation is a working sugar plantation whose lay­out and structures provide details about a historic Louisiana vernacular architecture. Read »

Amacker, Frank

Frank Amacker, nicknamed “Dude,” was not only a gifted jazz musician, but also an impeccable dresser. Read »

Amans, Jacques

French artist Jacques Amans was the leading portraitist in New Orleans during the 1840s and 1850s. Read »

Anderson, Andy

Jazz trumpeter Andy Anderson had a successful career working in many jazz clubs and dance halls in New Orleans from the 1920s through the 1960s. Read »

Anderson, Matthew IV

For three decades, photographer Matt Anderson has focused his camera on New Orleans's musicians, cultural events, and the performing arts. Read »

Anderson, Sherwood

Sherwood Anderson first arrived in New Orleans in 1922 and quickly became the charismatic center of the arts scene now known as the French Quarter Renaissance. Read »

Anderson, Walter Inglis

Walter Inglis Anderson, born in New Orleans, expressed his unique artistic vision in murals, watercolors, oils, sketches, sculpture, rugs, wallpaper, and furniture, among other art forms. Read »


While Louisiana began as a French colony and its dominant culture remained Creole French well into the nineteenth century, Anglo-Americans began to form a significant minority in region the late colonial period. Read »

Antebellum Louisiana

The Antebellum period in Louisiana begins with statehood in 1812 and ends with Louisiana joining the Confederacy in 1860. Read »


Huey P. Long was one of the most colorful and controversial politicians in Louisiana history. Admiration of his leadership was strong, but so was contepmt; the contempt ultimately resulted in his death at the hand of a disgruntled citizen. Read »

Antrobus, John

Born and raised in England, John Antrobus immigrated to the United States and relocated many times, including a period in Louisiana, where he opened a studio and executed a series of landscape paintings. Read »

Ardoin, Amede

One of southern Louisiana’s first great recording artists was a Creole accordionist and singer named Amédé Ardoin. Read »

Ardoin, Bois Sec

Alfonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin was an accomplished Zydeco accordion musician. Read »

Ardoyne Plantation

Ardoyne is the most elaborate and romantic-looking Gothic Revival residence surviving in Louisiana. Read »

Arlington, Josie

Josie Arlington was a madam who ran one of the most opulent brothels in Storyville, New Orleans' red light district. Read »

Armstrong, Louis

Renowned as a seminal figure in the evolution of jazz, Louis Armstrong is also considered one of the major artistic figures of the twentieth century. Read »

Arquier, Joseph

Composer and cellist Joseph Arquier lived in New Orleans between 1800 and 1804. Read »

Art and Letters

The journal “Art and Letters” played a significant role in the development of the late-nineteenth-century New Orleans arts community. Read »

Artists' Association of New Orleans

The Artists’ Association of New Orleans, which was incorporated in 1886, promoted the appreciation of fine arts in the South in general and New Orleans in particular. Read »