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Battle of Baton Rouge

Entry covers the first capture, battle, and recapture of Baton Rouge during the Civil War. Read »

Battle of Liberty Place

The 1874 Battle of Liberty Place effectively brought an end of federal Reconstruction policies in Louisiana. Read »

Battle of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans, fought on January 8, 1815, was the culmination of a monthlong series of skirmishes between US and British forces in southern Louisiana; it was the final major engagement of the War of 1812. Read »

Batz, Alexandre de

Alexandre de Batz created the earliest known images of Native Americans in the lower Mississippi valley from sketches he rendered while surveying Louisiana in the eighteenth century. Read »

Beauregard Town

Baton Rouge's Beauregard Town, planned in 1806 by Capt. Elias Beauregard, is now a predominantly residential district. Read »

Beauregard, P.G.T.

P.G.T. Beauregard, born in St. Bernard Parish in 1818, was the first prominent general of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Read »

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet

Formed during the Cajun revival of the 1970s, BeauSoleil and its founder, fiddler Michael Doucet, are among Louisiana's most prominent ambassadors of Cajun music and culture. Read »

Beauvais, Arnaud Julie

Planter Arnaud Beauvais became acting governor of Louisiana from October 6, 1829, to January 14, 1830 Read »

Bechet, Sidney

Clarinetist and soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet was one of the first great soloists of traditional New Orleans jazz. Read »

Behrman, Martin

Martin Behrman was the longest serving mayor in New Orleans history. Read »

Bellocq, E. J.

Photographer E. J. Bellocq gained fame after his death for his portraits of prostitutes in Storyville. Read »

Benglis, Lynda

Born in Lake Charles, Lynda Benglis is an internationally renowned sculptor who is famous for her innovations in both materials and artistic process. Read »

Bentley Hotel

SEE Hotel Bentley

Benton, Thomas Hart

Thomas Hart Benton painted "Louisiana Rice Fields" and was a founder of the regionalist art movement. Read »

Bermudez, Edward

Edward Bermudez served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1880 to 1892. Read »

Bernard, Francisco

Like many painters of his time, Francisco Bernard spent the winters in New Orleans and traveled as an itinerant portrait painter during the summer. Read »

Bernard, François

SEE Francisco Bernard

Biedenharn, Emy-Lou

Emy-Lou Biedenharn was a noted opera singer and philanthropist from Monroe. Read »

Biedenharn, Joseph

Monroe's Joseph Biedenharn was an internationally successful entrepreneur who revolutionized the soft drink industry and founded Delta Air Lines. Read »

Bienville, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville was a Canadian naval officer who, with his brother Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, explored the lower Mississippi River Valley in 1699 and established the first permanent French settlement in Louisiana. Read »