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Fontainebleau State Park

The Fountainebleau State Park bears the name of Bernard de Marigny’s sugar plantation, which formerly occupied this site and was itself named after the estate of the French king Francois I. Read »

Fontenot, Canray

The music of Creole fiddler Canray Fontenot cuts across a variety of musical genres: Cajun, zydeco, and blues-waltzes, a unique style combining elements of blues and jazz. Read »

Ford, Brownie

Brownie Ford was a Louisiana cowboy musician with an extensive repertoire of cowboy songs, frontier ballads, sentimental parlor ditties, and early country and western songs. Read »

Fort Miro

Located on the site of present-day Monroe, Louisiana, Fort Miro was a late eighteenth-century Spanish outpost that served the Ouachita River valley. Read »

Foster, Mike, Jr.

Murphy J. “Mike” Foster Jr., the 53rd governor of Louisiana, served from 1996 to 2004. Read »

Foster, Murphy J., Sr.

Democrat Murphy J. Foster was an attorney, a Louisiana state senator, state governor, and US senator. Read »

Foster, Murphy James, Jr.

SEE Mike Foster Jr.

Fountain, Pete

Jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain is one of the New Orleans’s most recognizable and commercially successful artists. Read »

Fournet, John B.

John B. Fournet served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1949 to 1970. Read »

Fowler, Trevor Thomas

Trevor Thomas Fowler, active in New Orleans ca. 1840 to 1852, was a successful itinerant portrait, landscape, and genre painter. Read »

Foy, Florville

Florville Foy, a free man of color, was a marble cutter, sculptor, and proprietor of one of the most successful marble yards in nineteenth-century New Orleans. Read »

Fran, Carol

Singer and pianist Carol Fran is a blues, swamp pop, R&B, and jazz musician whose work reflects the influence of southwest Louisiana’s culture. Read »

Francis, William

William T. Francis was a versatile musician and composer who lived in New Orleans in the late nineteenth century. Read »

Franks, John

John Franks dominated the sport of horse racing for over twenty years and became one of the leading stable owners and breeders in the country. Read »

Frazier, Cié

Cié Frazer was a successful jazz drummer in New Orleans for much of the twentieth century. Read »

Frazier, Josiah

SEE Cie Frazier

Free Black Artists in Antebellum New Orleans

New Orleans’s unique three-tiered racial system—which accepted free people of color as a separate caste from enslaved blacks—provided a unique opportunity for free black artists. Read »

Free People of Color

Free people of color in Louisiana maintained a level of exclusiveness largely to protect their property and separate themselves from slaves. Read »

Free Southern Theater

Founded in 1963, the Free Southern Theater was designed as a cultural and educational extension of the civil rights movement in the South. Read »

Freeman, Tina

New Orleans photographer Tina Freeman's work is grounded in a clear observation of the subject and often includes interior and exterior treatments of architecture and gardens. Read »