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Gilley, Mickey

Singer Mickey Gilley's top-10 hits put him among the most successful country music recording artists in the 1970s and 1980s. Read »

Giroux, Charles

Nineteenth century painter Charles Giroux captured lush Louisiana landscapes in small-scale oil paintings. Read »

Glencoe Plantation

The architecture of Glencoe Plantation in Louisiana is unusually elaborate and resembles an illustration from a child's fairy-tale book. Read »

Golden, Rolland Harve

To Louisiana artist Rolland Have Golden, the South has long been the metaphysical “heartbeat” of inspiration. Read »

Goldstein, Moise H.

A native of New Orleans, Moise Goldstein practiced architecture in the city for nearly half a century and helped create the School of Architecture at Tulane University. Read »

Gonzales, Juanita

New Orleans artist Juanita Gonzales produced clay sculpture, tile, and pottery that was far ahead of its time in terms of both technique and glazing. Read »

Gonzalez, Xavier

Artist Xavier Gonzalez's Depression-era murals continue to ornament buildings across the state. Read »

Goodman, Shirley

SEE Shirley and Lee

Goodson, Wilhelmina

SEE Billie and Dede Pierce

Gordon, Kate and Jean

Sisters Jean and Kate Gordon stand out as among the most influential women of the progressive era in New Orleans. Read »

Gordy, Robert

One of New Orleans' most influential artists, Robert Gordy is known for his repetitive patterns and abstract representations of the human head. Read »

Gorman, Israel

Israel Gorman was an early traditional jazz and brass band clarinetist from New Orleans who played with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, among others. Read »

Gormley, Tad

In 1965, New Orleans's City Park Stadium was renamed to honor Olympic coach Tad Gormley. Read »

Gospel Music, Black

African American Gospel music incorporates elements of both black vernacular and sacred music, including blues, hymnody, spirituals, the folk church, and even popular song. Read »

Gottschalk, Louis Moreau

Often cited as the first American composer to gain international recognition, Louis Moreau Gottschalk wrote more than three hundred compositions and earned acclaim as a piano virtuoso. Read »

Gould, Philip

Lafayette-based photographer Philip Gould is a prolific and award-winning documentarian of Louisiana's landscapes and culture. Read »

Governors of Louisiana

This is a complete list of the governors of Louisiana, their terms, and links to biographical entries. Read »

Grace Episcopal Church

Organized in 1827, Grace Church serves Louisiana's second oldest Episcopal parish. Read »

Grafton, Robert W.

Artist Robert Grafton spent several winters in New Orleans painting landscapes, murals, and portraits. His scenes of the city are considered to be some of his best work. Read »

Graner y Arrufi, Luis

Spanish painter Luis Graner y Arrufi lived and worked in New Orleans between 1914 and 1922. The simple, dignified landscapes he created in Louisiana are considered to be some of his best work. Read »