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Hebert, Paul Octave

Democrat Paul Hébert, who served as governor of Louisiana from 1853 until 1856, helped improve the state’s educational system and promoted the development of additional modes of transportation, including ferries, boats, and railroads. Read »

Heine, Alice

Alice Heine from New Orleans became the first American-born Princess of Monaco by way of marriage in 1889. Read »

Heldner, Colette Pope

Impressionist painter Colette Pope Heldner lived with her husband, artist Knute Heldner, in the French Quarter, where she found the courtyards and architecture to be favorite subjects. Read »

Heldner, Knute

Swedish-born artist Knute Heldner emigrated to the United States where he split his time between Duluth, Minnesota and New Orleans. Read »

Heller, Sally

Multimedia installation artist Sally Heller uses ordinary household items, construction materials, and other found objects to create room-size installations. Read »

Hellman, Lillian

New Orleans native Lillian Hellman was the author of several successful plays, as well as her popular memoirs. Read »

Henry Jr., Clarence

SEE Frogman Henry

Henry, Cammie Garrett

Cammie Henry played a central role in Louisiana’s artistic and literary communities, as both a patron of the arts and preservationist. Read »

Henry, Frogman

Louisiana singer and pianist Clarence “Frogman” Henry Jr., will forever be identified with the 1956 novelty rhythm & blues (R&B) classic “Ain’t Got No Home.” Read »

Henry, Oscar Chicken

Oscar “Chicken” Henry played both jazz piano and trombone in New Orleans in the mid-twentieth century. Read »

Herman, Pete

Pete Herman, world champion bantamweight boxer, owned and operated a popular French Quarter bar until his death in 1973. Read »

Highland Plantation

The Barrow family built Highland Plantation in antebellum St. Francisville, Louisiana. Read »

Hirt, Al

Al Hirt was a New Orleans trumpeter and bandleader was one of the most successful instrumental recording artists in the 1960s. Read »

Historic Preservation

New Orleans’s French Quarter was an early testing ground for preservation measures, and it continues to be one today. Read »

Hobbs, Morris Henry

A native of the Midwest, Morris Henry Hobbs joined the French Quarter artists' community in 1939 and spent the rest of his life producing images of New Orleans and its inhabitants. Read »

Hornback, Ann

Painter Ann Hornback incorporates dreamlike, surrealistic scenes of nature and animals, usually with a central female figure, into her work. Read »

Hotel Bentley

For the first sixty years of its existence, the Hotel Bentley was the social hub of Alexandria. Read »

Houma Nation

The Houma Indian community claims 17,000 members and continues to keep Native American traditions alive from their tribal center in Lafourche Parish. Read »

Houmas House Plantation

Houmas House Plantation in Darrow is an excellent example of the peripteral type of Greek Revival architecture in which the main structure is surrounded by grand columns, each with an uninterrupted span from ground level to the roofline. Read »

Houssaye, Sidonie de la

Sidonie de la Houssaye wrote about nineteenth-century Creole society. Read »