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Johnson, Henrietta Windham

Henrietta Windham Johnson was a social campaigner and civil rights activist in Monroe. Read »

Johnson, Henry

Henry Johnson, the first professional politician elected governor of Louisiana, served from December 1824 until December 1828. Read »

Johnson, Isaac

Beginning his term just after the passage of the Constitution of 1845, Governor Johnson was determined to uphold its somewhat controversial provisions including the elimination of property qualifications that limited the voting pool, and the creation of a public school system. Read »

Johnson, Lonnie

New Orleans native Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson was a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter whose professional career spanned six decades. Read »

Johnson, Louise Brazzel

Union Parish businesswoman, civic leader, and politician Louise Brazzel Johnson was the first woman elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives from her northern Louisiana district. Read »

Johnson, Neil

Photographer Neil Johnson has built an impressive career as a freelance photojournalist and commercial photographer. Read »

Johnson, Richard

Richard Johnson is often labeled an “abstract illusionist” New Orleans painter who explores classical landscapes and the figure to create highly expressionistic compositions. Read »

Johnson, William

SEE Bunk Johnson

Johnston, Frances Benjamin

Frances Benjamin Johnston's seven-decade career as a photographer began in Washington, D.C. during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison, and concluded in New Orleans, months before Dwight Eisenhower's election to the same office. Read »

Jolie Blon

SEE Jolie Blonde

Jolie Blonde

Arguably the most famous Cajun song of all time, “Jole Blon” apparently began life as a folk melody in French Louisiana. Read »

Jones, Chester

Chester Jones, a traditional jazz and brass band drummer, was a lifelong resident and community leader of the Tremé neighborhood in New Orleans. Read »

Jones, Eddie

SEE Guitar Slim

Jones, Sam Houston

Louisiana governor Sam Jones promised an honest government following the corruption scandals surrounding the Long administrations. Read »

Joseph, Papa John

Papa John Joseph was a popular string bass player at Preservation Hall in New Orleans throughout the twentieth century. Read »

Jouett, Matthew

Matthew Harris Jouett was recognized during his lifetime as the first notable American artist to emerge from the American frontier. Read »

Joyce, William

Widely know as a prolific and imaginatively versatile children's book writer and illustrator, Shreveport native William Joyce was named one of the "Top 100 people to watch in the new millennium” by Newsweek magazine. Read »

Joyner, Lea

Methodist pastor Lea Joyner, the only ordained woman in the Methodist Church in mid-twentieth century Louisiana, was one of the most popular pastors in the state. Read »

Jurisich, Krista

New Orleans artist Krista Jurisich is best known for her photocollage art quilts produced in the aftermath of the levee failures of 2005. Read »