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Le Page du Pratz, Antoine Simon

An engineer by training, Antoine Simon Le Page du Pratz published a richly illustrated, three-volume, 1,300 page observation of life in early Louisiana, “Historie de La Louisiane.” Read »

Lead Belly

Huddie 'Lead Belly' Ledbetter is one of the most important grassroots musicians of the twentieth century. Read »

LeBeau Plantation

The LeBeau House plantation occupies one of the narrow lots typical of The Island, the area between the Mississippi and False rivers. Read »

Leche, Richard W.

In 1936 Richard Leche won the battle to succeed Huey P. Long as governor of Louisiana and leader of the Long faction. Read »

Ledbetter, Huddie

SEE Lead Belly

Ledet, Michael

Largely self-taught artist Michael Ledet uses bright acrylics on large canvases to juxtapose seemingly random figures and forms in composing works unorthodox in both perspective and scale. Read »

Lee, Leonard

SEE Shirley and Lee

Lee, Russell

Nationally acclaimed photographer Russell Lee produced series of photographs on Louisiana life, including scenes of rural communities and New Orleans, for the Great Depression-era Farm Security Administration (FSA) project. Read »

Legalized Gambling

Legalized gambling has played an important cultural, political, and economic role in Louisiana’s history from the colonial era to the present. Read »

LeJeune, Iry

At a time when popular Cajun music leaned heavily toward western swing bands featuring the fiddle, Iry LeJeune is credited with reintoducing the traditional Cajun accordian. Read »

Leonard, Elmore, Jr.

Louisiana author Elmore Leonard, Jr. writes crime fiction and westerns. Read »

Leonard, Herman

Herman Leonard is considered to by many to be the most significant photographer of jazz musicians in the post-World War II era. Read »

Lépinay, Jean-Michel de

Jean-Michel de Lépinay served as the fifth governor of Louisiana from 1717 to 1718. Read »

Levine, Kevin

Captain Kevin Levine, a Mississippi River Branch Pilot, has made a second career as photographing the ships and maritime structures that are integral to his work environment. Read »

Lewis, George

George Lewis was a traditional jazz and brass band clarinet player, arranger, and bandleader from New Orleans. Read »

Lewis, Henry Clay

Henry Clay Lewis trained as a doctor in Louisiana and also contributed to the nineteenth-century literary genre of southwestern humor. Read »

Lewis, Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the founding fathers of rockabilly music. Read »

Lief, Dona

Painter Dona Lief was part of the regional school of artists known as “visionary imagists” that emerged from the Faubourg Marigny gallery of George Febres in the 1990s. Read »


Installed in the 1800s, Louisiana's lighthouses were not only among the state's most visually dynamic buildings, but also provided a vital service for commercial mariners. Read »

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is one of the best-known rappers from New Orleans, having reached the status of a global celebrity. Read »