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Martin, François-Xavier

Francois-Xavier Martin was the presiding judge of the Supreme Court of Louisiana from 1836 to 1846. Read »

Martina, Joe

In 1924 New Orleans pitcher Oyster Joe Martina led the Washington Senators baseball team against the New York Giants to win the World Series. Read »

Martina, John

SEE Joe Martina

Masinter, Shirley Rabé

Artist Shirley Rabé Masinter has gained considerable attention for her rich oil and watercolor depictions of the gritty streets of Louisiana's inner-city neighborhoods, cemeteries, and landscapes. Read »

Master P

Percy Miller, better known as “Master P,” is a New Orleans-based rapper and record producer. Read »

Matassa, Cosimo

Italian-American businessman, studio owner, and recording engineer Cosimo Matassa is one of the seminal figures of popular recorded music. Read »

Mathews, George

George Mathews served as the presiding judge of the Supreme Court of Louisiana from 1813 to 1836. Read »

Matthews, Bill

Bill Matthews was a New Orleans traditional jazz and brass band trombone player. Read »

McCaleb, E. Howard

E. Howard McCaleb served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court for one year, from 1971 to 1972. Read »

McCormick, Chandra and Calhoun, Keith

SEE Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick

McCrady, John

One of the best-known twentieth-century southern artists, John McCrady studied and worked in New Orleans, where he established an influential art school. Read »

McEnery, John

In 1872 John McEnery was elected governor in one of the most controversial and bizarre elections in Louisiana history. Read »

McEnery, Samuel

Democrat Samuel McEnery served as governor of Louisiana from 1881 until 1888. Read »

McGee, Dennis

Dennis McGee was the most influential of all twentieth-century Cajun fiddle players, having directly taught or indirectly influenced three generations of fiddlers. Read »

McIlhenny, Pokey

Margeret “Pokey” McIlhenny was a New Orleans civic leader whose interests were politics, education, and public television. Read »

McKeithen, John J.

John J. McKeithen, the 49th governor of Louisiana, served from 1964 to 1972. Read »

McMain, Eleanor

Eleanor McMain was a settlement house worker and progressive reformer in early Twentieth Century New Orleans. Read »

Meek, A.J.

An acclaimed scholar and photographer, A.J. Meek has been documenting life in Louisiana since 1977. Read »

Meeker, Joseph Rusling

Although not a Louisiana resident, landscape painter Joseph Rusling Meeker is well known for his bayou swamp scenes. Read »

Menard, D.L.

D.L. Menard is a popular Cajun Zydeco musician from Lafayette. Read »