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New Orleans Saints

When it was aired, the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory in 2010 was the most-watched television broadcast in history, drawing more than 153 million viewers. Read »

New Orleans School Crisis

The integration of the Orleans Parish public schools in 1960 was the result of years of effort at the national, state, and local levels. Read »

New Orleans Women’s Book Clubs

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, women’s book clubs became increasingly popular in New Orleans. Read »

New State Capitol

The New State Capitol building was part of Governor Huey Long’s public works campaign to improve the state’s physical infrastructure. Read »

Newcomb College

The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College of Tulane University was founded in 1886 in New Orleans as the first degree-granting coordinate college for women in the United States. Read »

Newcomb Pottery

Influenced by the English Arts and Crafts movement, Newcomb pottery was exhibited around the world, sold in shops nationwide, and written about in art journals throughout the United States and Europe Read »

Newcomb, Josephine Louise Le Monnier

Josephine Newcomb founded the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College at Tulane University in 1886 to honor the memory of her beloved daughter, a victim of diphtheria. Read »

Newman, Randy

Musician and composer Randy Newman was influenced by the time he lived in New Orleans as a child and many of his songs, including the poignant “Louisiana 1927,” reflect this. Read »

Nicholls, Francis T.

Francis Nicholls served two nonconsecutive terms as governor of Louisiana from 1877 to 1880, and again from 1888 to 1892. Read »

Nicholson, Eliza Jane

Eliza Jane Nicholson was the first woman publisher of a major daily newspaper in the Unites States. She was also a published poet, writing under the pen name Pearl Rivers. Read »

Nickerson, Camille

Born in New Orleans on March 30, 1888, composer Camille Nickerson was a highly accomplished musician and scholar. Read »

Ninas, Paul

Paul Ninas, often described as the “Dean of Modern Art” in New Olreans, lived and worked in the city from 1932 until his death in 1964. Read »

Noe, James

James Noe served as the interim governor of Louisiana after the death of Governor Oscar "O.K." Allen. Read »

Norieri, August

August Norieri was best known as a painter of Louisiana's marine landscapes. Read »

Nottoway Plantation

Nottoway is one of the largest antebellum houses in the South and the largest surviving plantation house in Louisiana. Read »

Nutt, Haller

Haller Nutt owned and operated several plantations including Araby, Evergreen, and Winter Quarters in Louisiana and Cloverdale and Laurel Hill in Mississippi. Read »