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Peretti, Achille

A native of Italy, Achille Peretti immigrated to the United States in 1884 following government repression of the First International, a leftist association of socialists and labor leaders to which he belonged. Read »

Pérez, Irván J.

Musician and woodcarver Irván Pérez spent much of his life advocating the preservation of the cultural traditions of Louisiana’s Isleño community. Read »

Perez, Leander

Corrupt democratic politician Leander Perez Sr., a staunch segregationist, served as a district judge, district attorney, and president of the Plaquemines Parish Commission Council. Read »

Perier, Etienne de

From 1727 to 1733 Etienne de Périer governed Louisiana as commandant-general for the Company of the West (later known as the Company of the Indies), which then held a charter for the development of the Louisiana colony. Read »

Perret, Craig

Louisiana jockey Craig Perret won two Triple Crown races and numerous horse racing awards. Read »

Perrin, Jimmy

Jimmy Perrin made his professional boxing debut in 1933 against Tony Feraci at the Coliseum Arena in New Orleans. Read »

Persac, Marie Adrien

Painter, photographer, surveyor, lithographer, and inventor Marie Adrien Persac was the most important delineator of plantatino scenes in nineteenth-century Louisiana. Read »

Pessou, Louis Lucien

Louis Lucien Pessou was one of the leading lithographers of antebellum New Orleans. Read »

Pettit, Bob

When Louisiana's Bob Pettit retired from the National Basketball Association in 1965, he was widely regarded as an all-time great and had earned two Most Valuable Player awards. Read »


Native-born and out-of-state photographers alike have been drawn to Louisiana’s swamps and bayous, its historic architecture, its Cajun and Creole cultural traditions, and its diverse and complex society. Read »

Piazza, Willie

Willie Piazza was one of the most successful madams in the Storyville vice district of New Orleans until it was closed in 1917. Read »

Pierce, Billie and Dede

Dede and Billie Pierce were a New Orleans traditional jazz and blues duo who performed at Preservation Hall. Read »

Pierce, Joseph LaCroix

SEE Billie and Dede Pierce

Pierson, Victor

Few details are known about the life of British-born hunting, landscape, and portrait painter Victor Pierson, who appears on the New Orleans city directories in the late nineteenth century. Read »

Pinchback, P. B. S.

Probably best known today for being the only African American to serve as governor of a southern state during Reconstruction, P. B. S. Pinchback was politician of enormous talent and remarkable longevity. Read »


Plaçage was a social practice during the colonial period in Louisiana, where white men established extralegal unions with women of color. Read »

Plaquemine Lock

The Bayou Plaquemine Lock once allowed ships to pass from the Mississippi River through the bayou to Louisiana's interior. Read »

Pleasant, Ruffin

As governor of Louisiana from 1916 until 1920, Democrat Ruffin G. Pleasant oversaw Louisiana’s efforts during World War I (1914-1918). Read »

Plessy v. Ferguson

One of Louisiana’s most famous legal cases, Plessy v. Ferguson joins Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) as key rulings on the US civil rights timeline. Read »

Po-Boy Sandwich

The so-called poor boy (po-boy) sandwich originated from the Martin Brothers’ French Market Restaurant and Coffee Stand in New Orleans during the 1929 streetcar strike. Read »