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Rieker, Albert

Albert George Rieker became one of the most notable sculptors in the United States after his membership in the New Orleans Art League provided an exhibition venue for his plaster-cast Neoclassical friezes. Read »

Rillieux, Norbert

Norbert Rillieux, a Creole from New Orleans, was an inventor and engineer who designed the multiple-effect evaporation system, a major advancement in the process of sugar refining. Read »

Rinck, Adolph

Adolph Rinck settled in New Orleans around 1840 where he was a successful portrait and miniature painter, art teacher, and sketch artist. Read »

Ripley, Eliza

Eliza Ripley recounts life in antebellum Louisiana, focusing on the habits and customs of typical upper-class New Orleans households. Read »

Risen Star

Sired by Secretariat and owned by Ronnie Lamarque and Louis Roussel III, Risen Star was one of the most successful racehorses ever to come out of Louisiana. Read »

Robertson, Dude

SEE Frank Amacker

Robertson, Prophet

Self-taught artist “Prophet” Royal Robertson combined futuristic imagery with patches of rambling calligraphy that bemoaned his wife's departure after nearly two decades of marriage, an overwhelming obsession in his life and art. Read »

Robertson, Thomas Bolling

The third governor of Louisiana after its admission as a state, Thomas Robertson served from 1820 to 1824. Read »

Robichaux, Joe

Traditional jazz and early rhythm and blues pianist Joe Robichaux may be best remembered as bandleader of the New Orleans Rhythm Boys. Read »

Robinson, Jim

New Orleans jazz musician Jim Robinson's consistency and appealing sound made him one of the most prominent trombonists of his time. Read »

Robinson, Margaret Frances

In addition to her lavish set designs, artist Margaret Frances Robinson brought to post-World War II New Orleans remarkable training and talent in painting street views of her French Quarter neighborhood. Read »

Robinson, Martha Gilmore

Martha Gilmore Robinson worked in New Orleans for five decades on to improve local government and promote historic preservation. Read »

Rock Music

Rock music in Louisiana grew out of several genres of roots music: blues, rhythm and blues, Cajun, and zydeco. Read »

Rockabilly Music

Rockabilly is a genre of music that derived from early rock 'n' roll, with a country-music flavor. Read »

Rockmore, Noel

Noel Rockmore moved to New Orleans in 1959 and established himself in the French Quarter where he painted portraits of jazz musicians in the early 1960s. Read »

Rodrigue, George

George Rodrigue, born and raised in New Iberia, is best known for his Blue Dog series of paintings and sculptures. Read »

Roemer, Buddy

Charles “Buddy” Roemer III served as the governor of Louisiana from 1988 to 1992. Read »

Roemer, Charles Elson, III

SEE Buddy Roemer

Rolling, Hubert

Hubert Rolling was a nineteenth century New Orleans pianist and composer. Read »

Roman, André Bienvenu

Sugar planter and politician André Roman, a member of the Whig Party, served as governor of Louisiana from 1831 until 1835 and again from 1839 to 1843. Read »