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Scott, J.P.

James “J. P.” Scott was a Louisiana folk artist who spent much of his life working on construction sites and fishing boats in the bayous around New Orleans. He is best known for his elaborate boats made from found objects, including Mardi Gras beads, toys, and seashells. Read »

Scott, John

John T. Scott, raised in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward, is best known for his vibrantly colored kinetic art. Read »

Sebron, Hippolyte

Hippolyte Sébron resided in Louisiana for a brief time, from 1849 to 1855, but he had a profound effect on the development of landscape and genre painting in the state. Read »

Secession from the Union

Louisiana seceded from the Union on January 26, 1861, although many in the state opposed the decision. Read »

Sedatol, Raymond

A native of the Atchafalaya Basin, master boat builder Raymond Sedatol constructed traditional watercraft such as pirogues and rowing skiffs in the manner of his Cajun ancestors. Read »

Seebold, Marie

Marie Seebold knew as a child that she wanted to be an artist and began her formal art studies at the age of eleven. Read »


SEE Jim Crow

Seidenberg, Jean

Although originally from New York City, artist Jean Seidenberg has lived and worked in New Orleans since his early twenties. Read »

Sexton, Richard

Richard Sexton, a nationally recognized photographer, writer, book publisher, and teacher, lives and works in New Orleans. Read »

Shadows on the Teche Plantation

SEE Shadows-on-the-Teche Plantation

Shadows-on-the-Teche Plantation

Until artist Weeks Hall donated Shadows-on-the-Teche to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1958, the New Iberia property had been in the Weeks family since the original Spanish land grant in 1792. Read »

Shape-Note Singing

Shape-note singing dates from the late seventeenth century and is system of printed shapes, instead of standard music notation, to help untrained singers learn how to read the music. Read »


Sharecropping was a labor that came out of the Civil War and lasted until the 1950s. Read »

Shaw, Jennifer

New Orleans photographer Jennifer Shaw's work is based on a world observed and a world constructed, and is typically recorded through the laughably imperfect optics of toy cameras. Read »

Shaw, Kendall

For six decades, Kendall Shaw's art literally and metaphorically has incorporated complex layers of history, reflecting extended passages of time, his process, life experiences, and the changing styles and directions of the American art world. Read »

Sheerer, Mary

Designer Mary Sheerer was a major influence on Newcomb Pottery, an art form she once described as “made of Southern clays, by Southern artists, decorated with Southern subjects.” Read »

Shepley, George Foster

General George Shepley became the military governor of federally-occupied Louisiana in June 1862 and served until March 1864. Read »

Shirley and Lee

Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee, better known as Shirley and Lee, topped the rhythm and blues charts in the 1950s. Read »

Shotgun House

The shotgun house, prevalent in New Orleans architecture, is typically a long, narrow house facing the street, with a roof ridge that runs perpendicular to the front entrance. Read »

Shushan Airport

SEE Lakefront Airport