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Toussaint, Allen

Based in New Orleans, Allen Toussaint composed, produced, arranged, and played piano on scores of classic rhythm and blues (R&B) hits from the late 1950s through the 1970s, in addition to recording several solo albums. Read »

Town, A. Hays

A talented and prolific Louisiana architect, A. Hays Town shaped the residential architecture in mid-to late twentieth-century Louisiana. Read »

Traditional New Orleans Jazz

SEE Traditional New Orleans Jazz

Traviesa, Jonathan

Photographer Jonathan Traviesa has made New Orleans his home and subject since the late 1990s, capturing the city with his sensitive, personal, and often whimsical style. Read »

Treen, Dave, Sr.

Dave Treen served as governor of Louisiana from 1980 to 1984, losing his bid for a second term to Edwin Edwards in 1983. Read »

Treen, David Connor, Sr.

SEE Dave Treen Sr.

Treme Brass Band

The Treme Brass Band is widely known for maintaining the traditional New Orleans brass band style. Read »

Trenchard, Frederich

Frederich Trenchard's colorful narrative paintings in watercolor and oil, dubbed “Imagist” by critics at the time, garnered him enthusiastic recognition in New Orleans art circles in the 1970s. Read »

Trivigno, Pat

New Orleans artist Pat Trivigno's painting style evolved from early abstract realist treatments of landscapes and natural world elements to a later cubist, modernist sensibility as he explored the worlds of form and color. Read »

Troyville Earthworks

Located near Jonesville, the Troyville earthworks are a Baytown period Native American archaeological site that dates from AD 400 to 700. Read »

Tuero, Linda

New Orleans's Linda Tuero was a collegiate and professional tennis champion in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Read »

Tung Oil

Between the late 1920s and 1969, tung oil—a commodity used in paints and varnishes, inks, lubricants, cosmetics, and even pharmaceuticals—spurred a veritable craze across the Gulf South among Louisiana farmers. Read »

Tunica Tribe

The Tunica tribe is one of only four Native American groups in Louisiana recognized by the federal government. Read »

Tureaud, A. P.

A.P. Tureaud was a key legal activist in an era of vigorous challenges to Jim Crow in twentieth-century Louisiana. Read »

Turner, Helen Maria

New Orleans painter Helen Maria Turner was best known for her paintings of people in their own homes and women in gardens. Read »

Turners' Hall

Once a German social hall in New Orleans, Turners' Hall was purchased in 2000 by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities to serve as the Louisiana Humanities Center. Read »

Tyler, Michael

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