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West, William Edward

Largely self-taught, William Edward West began as an itinerant portrait painter in the Mississippi River Valley before traveling extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Read »

Wharton, Thomas Kelah

Louisiana artist and architect Thomas Wharton is best known for the writings and sketches he kept in a daybook. Read »

"When the Saints Go Marching In"

“When the Saints Go Marching In” has been adopted as the anthem of the city of New Orleans and is the fight song of its football team, The Saints, named in its honor. Read »

White Gospel Music

White gospel music, also known as Southern gospel, represents a widespread aspect of US culture. Read »

White, Edward Douglas, Sr.

Sugar planter Edward White, a member of the Whig party, served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and as governor of Louisiana from 1835 until 1839. Read »

White, Lulu

Lulu White was one of the most notorious and financially successful madams in Storyville, New Orleans' red-light district. Read »

White, Wilie

Willie White was a nationally recognized self-taught artist who used felt-tip markers to render whimsical organic forms in flat, bold planes of color. Read »

Whitesell, Joseph Woodson

Photographer Pops Whitesell was a universally popular figure among his neighbors in the French Quarter, high society clientele, celebrities from the world of arts and letters, and fellow photographers. Read »

Whitney, Morgan

Morgan Whitney was the scion of a wealthy New Orleans banking family who pursued a variety of artistic endeavors with both enthusiasm and dedication. Read »

Whitty, Patricia

Photorealist painter Patricia Whitty not only captured the images of still-life objects but her rendering lent a luminous essence to her subjects. Read »

Wickliffe, Robert Charles

Democrat Robert Wickliffe, who served as the governor of Louisiana from 1856 until 1860, oversaw the state in the increasingly tumultuous years before the Civil War. Read »

Wiggs, Johnny

Johnny Wiggs was a Jewish traditional jazz cornetist from New Orleans. Read »

Wikstrom, Bror Anders

Artist and designer Bror Wikstrom was active in New Orleans from 1883 to 1909 and was particularly well-known in the city for designing Carnival pageants. Read »

Williams, Anna

Anna Williams was a self-taught quilter, considered to be one of the twentieth century's most significant fiber artists. Read »

Williams, Brian "Birdman"

Bryan “Baby” Williams, more widely known by the stage name Birdman, is a Grammy-nominated rapper and record-label executive from New Orleans. Cofounder of the famed New Orleans recording company Cash Money Records. Read »

Williams, Bryan

SEE Bryan "Birdman" Williams

Williams, Lucinda

Lucinda Williams is a multiple Grammy award-winning songwriter and performer whose blues, southern rock, Cajun, and folk-influenced sound has achieved commercial success while staying true to her stripped-down, roots music aesthetic. Read »

Williams, Tennessee

Tennessee Williams was one of the most important playwrights of the twentieth century. Read »

Wilson, Samuel Jr.

Samuel Wilson Jr., an architect and preservationist, is often referred to as the “Dean of Historic Preservation” in New Orleans. Read »

Wiltz, Louis

Democrat Louis Wiltz served as governor of Louisiana from 1880 until his death in 1881. Read »