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Bigard, Alex

Jazz drummer Alex Bigard had a successful career as a recording artist and musician in New Orleans for much of the twentieth century. Read »

Billiot, Ivy

A member of the United Houma Nation, Ivy Billiot is a self-taught woodcarver who creates colorful, meticulously rendered fish, birds, reptiles, and other wildlife out of native Louisiana woods. Read »

Birch, Willie

Artist Willie Birch's work emphasizes the continuing relevance of African heritage in New Orleans, the vernacular vitality of its African American community, and the city's dark legacy of racial oppression. Read »

Bishop, Jacqueline

New Orleans painter Jacqueline Bishop has created a body of work that has taken her from Louisiana swamplands to Latin American rainforests. Read »

Blanchard, Jim

Jim Blanchard has created a body of art that records the architectural masterpieces of Louisiana's previous centuries through pieces he calls “architectural archival watercolors.” Read »

Blanchard, Newton

Attorney Newton Crain Blanchard served as one of Louisiana’s representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives (1880-1893), an associate justice in the Louisiana State Supreme Court (1897-1904) and governor of the state (1904-1908). Read »

Blanco, Kathleen

Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana's first woman governor, served during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Blanco faced extreme criticism of her handling of the disaster. Read »

Blessing, Samuel

Of the hundreds of photographers in New Orleans during the second half of the nineteenth century, Samuel T. Blessing stands out for his longevity, production, and business acumen. Read »


Established in 1968 by writers Tom Dent and Kalamu ya Salaam, BLKARTSOUTH was a community writing and acting workshop that provided a forum for emerging black poets and playwrights to develop and showcase their work. Read »

Bloom's Arcade

Bloom’s Arcade, one of Louisiana’s first shopping centers, was built in Tallulah in 1930 and served as a centerpiece of the Madison Parish town’s business district for half a century. Read »

Blue Books, New Orleans

Blue Books is the common name given to the various published directories of female prostitutes and houses of prostitution in Storyville, New Orleans' legally designated red-light district. Read »

Blue, Vida

Louisiana pitcher Vida Blue became an award-winning baseball player for the Oakland Athletics. Read »

Blues Music

Of the 119 musicians inducted into the national Blues Hall of Fame, roughly twenty percent are from Louisiana. Read »

Blum, Harriet

Covington photographer Harriet Blum has created a large body of painterly photographs of Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast landscapes. Read »

Bo, Eddie

Eddie Bo was a songwriter, arranger, producer, vocalist, and pianist, born and raised in New Orleans. Read »

Bocage Plantation

Although Bocage's early history is hazy, local tradition has maintained that the house was built in 1801 by Emanuel Marius Pons Bringier as a wedding gift for his fourteen-year-old daughter, Françoise. Read »

Bocage, Peter

Peter Bocage was a jazz musician active in brass bands and second line parades in the early twentieth century. Read »

Boggs, Corinne Morrison Claiborne

SEE Lindy Boggs

Boggs, Lindy

“Lindy” Boggs was the first woman elected to Congress from Louisiana. Read »

Boisbriand, Pierre Sidrac Dugué de

Canadian explorer Pierre Dugué, one of the founding fathers of colonial Louisiana, served as acting governor of Louisiana between February 1725 and March 1727. Read »