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Douglas, Lizzie

SEE Memphis Minnie

Dr. John

Dr. John is an important New Orleans-born rhythm and blues singer, composer, and keyboardist. Read »


Louisiana drama, like all Louisiana literature, is a rich and diverse subject. Read »

Drysdale, Alexander

Although Alexander Drysdale described himself as a portrait painter, he was known primarily for his landscapes depicting Louisiana's marshes and bayous. Read »

Duke, David

David Duke is a polarizing, outspoken advocate of racist ideals whose political campaigns in the 1980s and early 1990s put a modern-day face on the image of the white-supremacist movement in the United States. Read »

Dumars, Joe

Despite growing up in a region where football was king, Shreveport native Joe Dumars enjoyed a successful career as a player and executive in the NBA. Read »

Dunbar, George

George Dunbar has been a major figure in New Orleans contemporary art for more than five decades. Read »

Dunbar-Hunter Expedition

The Dunbar-Hunter Expedition was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore and document the lower regions of the Louisiana Territory. Read »

Dunbar-Nelson, Alice

New Orleans native Alice Dunbar-Nelson was one of the founders of the Harlem Renaissance literary movement. Read »

Dunkley, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Dunkley was an organist and composer who sought to incorporate Louisiana folklife into his compositions in works such as “Street Cries” and “Bayou Songs.” Read »

Dunn, Oscar

Oscar James Dunn became one of the first black men to serve in an executive political position in the United States when he was elected lieutenant governor of Louisiana in 1868. Read »

Dupas, Ralph

Ralph Dupas emerged from humble beginnings in New Orleans to become a world champion boxer Read »

Dupre, Edith Garland

Edith Garland Dupre was a leading intellectual, civic, and religious leader in Lafayette in the early twentieth century. Read »

Dupre, Jacques

Jacques Dupré, a Whig, served as acting governor of Louisiana from January 14, 1830, to January 31, 1831. Read »

Dupree, Champion Jack

Champion Jack Dupree was was best known as a barrelhouse pianist and songwriter/raconteur but was also an accomplished boxer and cook. Read »

Dupuy, Delphine

Delphine Dupuy was a civil rights activist in Baton Rouge who was one of the founding members of the Baton Rouge branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1929. Read »

Dureau, George

George Dureau, a quintessential New Orleans artist, also is a nationally recognized painter, sculptor, and photographer. Read »

Durieux, Caroline

Artist Caroline Wogan Durieux served as the director of the Louisiana office of the Federal Art Project. Read »

Duval, Ambrose

French artist Ambrose Duval achieved success as a miniature portrait painter in New Orleans in the early nineteenth century. Read »