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Grau, Shirley Ann

New Orleans-born writer Shirley Ann Grau is noted for her depictions of southern landscapes and Louisiana folkways in her fiction. Read »

Gray, Henry

Henry Gray is a pioneer of the Chicago blues style of piano. Read »

Great Depression in Louisiana

Louisiana was deeply affected by the Great Depression when cotton, sugar, oil, and timber values plummeted in addition to the crippling of the port in New Orleans with the precipitous decline in foreign trade. Read »

Greenwood Plantation

The massive Greek Revivial plantation house is a modern replica of the original strcture at Greenwood which burned to the ground in 1960. Read »

Gregory, Angela

Angela Gregory is widely referred to as the doyenne of Louisiana sculpture. Read »

Greiner, William

Since 1980, Louisiana photographer William Greiner has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and museums around the world. Read »

Gretna City Hall

The Gretna City Hall building is conventional in its Beaux-Arts forms, but, squeezed onto its narrow site, it is a compact composition with a vertical emphasis Read »

Griffith, Louis Oscar

Artist Louis O. Griffith was not a native of Louisiana, but he discovered its charms on a visit to New Orleans and proceeded to depict the city in his artwork. Read »

Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Louisiana

Guerrilla warfare in Civil War Louisiana attacked both Confederate and Union forces, as well as civilians. Read »

Guesnon, Creole George

“Creole” George Guesnon was a traditional jazz banjo player and vocalist from New Orleans, known as a stunningly innovative performer and composer who recorded nearly 100 of his own compositions for the Icon record label. Read »

Guidry, Ron

Louisiana native Ron Guidry's performance with the New York Yankees in the 1978 season stands decades later as one of the greatest pitching achievements in modern baseball history. Read »

Guillory, Ida

"Queen" Ida Guillory and her Bon Temps Zydeco Band have toured nationally and internationally. Guillory has also published a popular cookbook, "Cookin' with Queen Ida." Read »

Guirard, Greg

Greg Guirard's best known photographs capture the stillness of Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin, its plant and animal residents, and the character and activity of its human population. Read »

Guitar Slim

Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones has become one of the most widely-influential electric guitar players of the twentieth century. Read »

Gulotta, Peter

SEE Pete Herman


Gumbo is a thick soup that can be considered the signature dish of south Louisiana. Read »

Gunning, Simon

Louisiana artist Simon Gunning is best known for his gritty depictions of the Mississippi River. Read »

Guy, Buddy

Guitarist and singer George “Buddy” Guy, who was born in Louisiana, is the major living link to the electric Chicago blues sound of the 1950s and 1960s. Read »

Governor's Mansion, Old

Huey P. Long ordered the construction of the Old Governor's Mansion in 1929, replacing the first Governor's Mansion which was built in 1857. Read »