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Merrick, Edwin T.

Edwin T. Merrick served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1855 to 1865. Read »

Merritt, Wallace

Photographer Wallace Merritt's black-and-white images, whether still life or portrait, carry the high drama of film noir framing and lighting. Read »

Metairie Cemetery

Tombs at Metairie Cemetery are more spaciously laid out than in other New Orleans cemeteries and constitute some of the most spectacular and grandiose funerary architecture in the United States. Read »

Meters, The

The Meters played a key role in defining the funk musical genre in the early 1970s. Read »

Meucci, Antonio and Nina

The husband and wife team of artists, Antonio and Nina Meucci, announced their arrival in New Orleans in 1818 in a newspaper advertisement offering to paint portraits and miniatures “of every dimension.” Read »

Meucci, Nina and Antonio

SEE Antonio and Nina Meucci

Meyer, Joseph Fortuné

Master potter Joseph Fortuné Meyer's classic shapes and consistently high standards are, most likely, the reason that Newcomb College art pottery became internationally famous Read »

Mia X

Mia Kristin Young, professionally known by the stage names Mia X or Mama Mia, is a rapper, chef, author, and actress from New Orleans. Read »

Michalopoulos, James

Artist James Michalopoulos's distinctive paintings of New Orleans houses and cultural icons are internationally recognized. Read »

Milburn, Rodney

Rodney Milburn was born in Opelousas and competed successfully at Southern University in Baton Rouge before becoming the world’s best high hurdler in the early 1970s. Read »

Mile Branch Settlement

Structures typical of Washington Parish's early rural homesteads were added to the parish's fairgrounds in 1976. Read »

Miles, Lizzie

Lizzie Miles was a vocalist adept at both blues and jazz stylings whose career spanned most of the modern jazz age. Read »

Miller, Ernest

SEE Punch Miller

Miller, James E.

SEE Sing Miller

Miller, Punch

“Punch” Miller, also known as “Kid Punch,” was a New Orleans traditional jazz, blues, and brass band trumpeter and vocalist. Read »

Miller, Sing

Sing Miller was a traditional jazz and blues singer and piano player from New Orleans. Read »

Millet, Clarence

Clarence Millet, one of most important and prolific painters working in twentieth-century New Orleans, was one of the few Southerners elected as an associate to the National Academy of Design in 1943. Read »

Mills, Wilmer

Wilmer Mills was a poet deeply rooted in the rural Protestant culture of the Plains, an area located between St. Francisville and Baton Rouge. Read »

Minnie, Memphis

Known as “Kid” all her life to her family and re-named “Memphis Minnie” by the recording industry, New Orleans native Lizzie Douglas was a prominent and pioneering guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and blues recording artist. Read »

Miró y Sabater, Esteban Rodríguez

Serving from 1782 until 1791, Spanish-colonial governor Esteban Miró oversaw a period of relative economic prosperity. Read »