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Louisiana poetry ranges from early francophone works to contemporary compositions. Read »

Poincy, Paul

Though regarded as one of the best portrait painters in New Orleans's history, Paul Poincy's genre works are his most widely recognized. Read »

Pollet, Howie

Howie Pollet was one of three left-handed pitchers from the same New Orleans block to make it to baseball's major leagues. Read »

Pontalba Buildings

Baroness Pontalba's buildings on Jackson Square changed the haphazard design into a viable public area. Read »

Pontalba, Baroness Micaela Almonester de

Micaela Leonarda Almonester de Pontalba was the sponsor of landmark architectural complexes in her native Louisiana, as well as in France, her home for sixty-seven years. Read »

Poor Boy Sandwich

SEE Po-Boy Sandwich

Pope, Gaither Troutman

Painter Gaither Troutman Pope is best known for his landscapes of Louisiana's prairies and dark swamps influenced by nineteenth-century Luminist painters. Read »

Poplar Grove Plantation

The Poplar Grove Plantation house was originally built for the 1884 World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans before being transported on a barge to Port Allen. Read »


In the late nineteenth century, Populist Party advocates railed against the prevailing system and urged cooperation among oppressed peoples to secure reform. Read »

Post Office Art

During the Depression, government-sponsored artists completed twenty-five art works for post offices throughout Louisiana. Read »

Pouilly, J.N.B. de

J. N. B. de Pouilly was a successful architect in antebellum Louisiana. Read »

Poverty Point

Poverty Point in Louisiana, one of the most significant archaeological sites in in the world, dates to 3,500 years and represents the largest, most complex settlement of its kind in North America. Read »

Prejean, Helen

Sister Helen Prejean is an anti-death penalty advocate in New Orleans and the author of "Dead Man Walking." Read »


Along with the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral, the Presbytere figures as a major component in New Orleans' Jackson Square. Read »

Preservation Hall

New Orleans's Preservation Hall is a traditional jazz music venue in the French Quarter and the historic center of a worldwide revival of traditional New Orleans jazz. Read »

Price, Lloyd

Lloyd Price is a New Orleans rhythm-and-blues singer, songwriter, producer, and music industry executive who forged a uniquely colorful and successful career spanning seven decades. Read »

Prima, Louis

Louis Prima was an Italian-American composer, singer, trumpet player and bandleader from New Orleans. Read »

Professor Longhair

Henry Roeland Byrd, also known as Professor Longhair, was a New Orleans rhythm & blues pianist whose career started in the late 1940s and who came to personify the city’s cultural renaissance of the 1970s. Read »

Progressive Era in Louisiana

The Progressive movement that swept across the United States at the turn of the twentieth century brought changes to many of the nation’s social and political institutions, including those in Louisiana. Read »


Louisiana reluctantly became subject to prohibition, the effort to eliminate alcoholic drinks, as a result of the 1920 federal law commonly known as the Volstead Act. Read »